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   Chapter 351 Extra Story No. 21 About Fabian Li

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7568

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At 1:00 am, the deafeningly loud music rocked the whole bar. The atmosphere inside had reached its climax.

A woman stood outside the bar in a black dress, clutching the latest handbag of an international brand. Cathy applied mascara and eye line. She glanced over the bar, and soon found that bartender in sunglasses.

Besides, she just applied Zhusong Group's most popular MQ lipstick. She sneered at him, which made her look even more attractive.

Cathy flipped her curly and long hair, and then walked up to the man.

She put her hand on the man's shoulder, and said, "Hey, get me a gin and tonic."

Jeffery turned around and caught sight of her sexually attractive red lips.

Her lips reminded him of last night. He couldn't help but think of how she looked like a "female ghost" the first time they met.

He slowly raised his head, and saw the brown shade eye shadow and black eye line. He remembered that "female ghost" had worn panda eyes last night.

Jeffery recognized the woman in front of him. 'Isn't she that 'female ghost' I encountered last night?

Why is she here? Is she going to compensate me for my motorcycle?' He wondered in confusion.

When he saw Cathy sit beside him, Jeffery walked to the bar counter. He tapped on the counter and said, "Peter, one gin and tonic."

"Okay, wait a moment."

People in the bar didn't know his real name. They called him Fabian.

Everyone knew of a hacker named Purple Charm, and Jeffery was just a well-known bastard son from the Li family.

However, they didn't know that Jeffery was Fabian. Nor did they realize that Jeffery, Fabian and Purple Charm was one and the same man.

However, because he had pursued Angela in public, which displeased Arvin, some people had found out that Jeffery was Purple Charm.

For a hacker, that wasn't a good thing.

Therefore, to avoid receiving much attention, Jeffery hadn't touched his laptop these days. Instead, he worked in a bar under the name "Fabian".

While Peter mixed the cocktail, Jeffery stood in front of the counter, playing with his lighter.

Cathy touched her forehead, trying to figure out a way to approach Jeffery.

'Isn't he the best hacker? Doesn't he earn millions through just one task? Why did he come here to be

tion because I thought you were insane. But today, I find that you aren't actually mentally ill. Lady, just pay me the money you owe me." No one was willing to be hit without being compensated for it.

Cathy put the cocktail on the counter and said, "Do you think which is more expensive, your motorcycle or the maintenance cost of my car?"

Jeffery didn't want to push her hard, so he said, "The maintenance cost of your Cadillac is around a hundred thousand at most. Subtract that and you just need to pay me 200, 000. I don't think you're carrying that much money in cash. So give me your card instead."

'I'll pay you, ' she thought. Cathy reached for her handbag and found her card. She delivered the card to Jeffery and said, "There is 500, 000 balance. Give me my card back after you buy yourself a new motorcycle. The password is today's date."

'The password is so interesting. Is it a coincidence?' Jeffery wondered.

He glanced at her face, and then took her card without hesitation. He gave the card to Peter next to him and said, "This is client's card for her drink."

Peter didn't know what Jeffery wanted to do, so he took it and did as Jeffery had asked.

Then, Jeffery took the card and threw it back to Cathy. The card landed exactly onto Cathy's collar. "I don't need your money. Keep your money for your dowry. Besides, I have a very high standard in women. If you wanted to seduce me, you should have come to me after you had a plastic surgery to make you look like Angela."

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