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   Chapter 349 Extra Story No. 19 About Fabian Li

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7020

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"Purple Charm, here's twenty million. Help me hack into the computer defense system of the Zhusong Group."

"No way!" refused Fabian bluntly. Although he was a hacker, he still had his own code of professional ethics.

"How about I can make sure that you won't have to go to any blind dates in the following year?"

"Okay, deal!"

In just a few hours, the security firewall of the Zhusong Group's computer system was out of function after the intrusion of a hacker.

In the evening, the media reported that a hacker had intruded the computer system of the Zhusong Group and stolen some confidential files, which resulted in a great loss for the company. It was said that the company might go bankrupt because of this...

In the meeting room of the Zhusong Group

It was already midnight. A woman dressed in a set of black Western suit sat on the CEO's seat and plugged a USB memory stick into her laptop.

Soon enough, a loud noise followed. "Bang!" The latest version of the Macbook was on the floor, smashed into pieces.

It was the first time for all the senior executives to see their CEO get so furious. They were all frightened of this woman, even though she was just in her thirties.

"We have gone through so many difficulties ever since my grandmother founded the Zhusong Group. We have survived lots of cruel competitions and even the economic crisis, but now, we are defeated because of the intrusion of a hacker! What a joke! It's so humiliating. How are you guys going to tell the public ?" The woman scolded sternly as she glared at the technology manager with her beautiful eyes.

The young technology manager shrank his neck and explained himself in a low voice, "Miss You, the computer system was hacked unexpectedly and in a very crafty way. Only one hacker is capable of doing something like this in the world. If our company has become his target, we can do nothing to stop him..."

"Who's that ?" the woman asked inquisitively.

This woman was Cathy You, thirty years old. At the age of fifteen, she started to help her mother and grandmother manage the compa

bike was scraped off some of the paint. This was his most favourite motorbike.

Looking at the damage on his motorbike, Jeffery got angry and turned around to remind the woman, "Next time, drive your car slowly!"

But Jeffery was shocked right after he finished his words, Because the woman standing in front of him wasn't normal in every way...

She was dressed in a long, white dress that reached up to her ankles. Her black and long straight hair fell over her shoulders. Her face was completely pale, her lips were painted blood red and her eyebrows were in dark black. With dark circles under her eyes, she stared at Jeffery.

... If it were somebody else standing in front of this woman now, the person would've been running away, frightened for his life.

However, it was Jeffery Li who was facing her.

Why wasn't Jeffery scared of this ghost-like woman?

If she knew what kind of strange place he was living in, she would know the reason.

So where was Jeffery living?

He was living in a castle.

Where was his castle located?

It was in a remote suburban district which was surrounded by large and thick forests. And near the castle, there was a martyrs cemetery.

When she heard Jeffery complaining, the woman instantly burst into tears and cried louder and louder. "Waah...waah... I am just hurrying to the cemetery. Please don't be angry at me... waah...waah..."

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