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   Chapter 348 Extra Story No. 18 About the Daughters of the Si Family

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 10809

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She remembered that they went to bed at about ten o'clock last night, but Boris didn't intend to let her sleep at all. It was almost dawn when she finally fell asleep.

Boris was as aggressive as a beast.

With his guidance, she learned many new techniques they could try out when having sex

She loved the games but they had her completely exhausted.

In comparison to how busy he was in the past six months, lately, Boris hadn't been so busy.

Once Melissa returned home from her work, he would also come back within thirty minutes.

Boris didn't like talking too much. He preferred to spend more time having sex than talking with her.

Melissa felt like an emperor's concubine. The only thing she did everyday was waiting for her emperor, Boris, to have sex with her at any time.

But an emperor's concubine would only have sex with the emperor in the palace.

As for her, She had to do it with him in various places. They did it in bathroom, garden, swimming pool and even his car...

This was obvious not what she wanted for her marriage life and she got angry with Boris as days went by.

However, before she could release her anger, she had been shocked by another piece of news.

Sue, Boris' mother, was health-wise, in a vulnerable condition. She was so delighted to hear the good news that she hugged Melissa's arms excitedly. She told Melissa, "I'm so happy to hear that! I have been waiting for my grandchild for a long time!"

Yes, Melissa was pregnant.

Oh! She was having a baby with Boris.

When she told this to Janet, Janet asked her in an scornful tone, "What? Don't you want to have a baby with Boris?"

"No, I don't!"

"Melissa Si!"

Melissa apologized to Janet immediately, "Sorry, Mom. I was just kidding. I want to have a kid with him. I really do..."

Melissa consoled herself and thought, 'It might be good to have a baby. At least the baby could accompany me whenever I am lonely.

I don't care who its father is.

Although Boris is the only man that could be its father, since he is the only man I have...

But I'm angry at him right now.

Why didn't I marry a thoughtful man? Why is the man I married would be as cold and indifferent as my father and grandfather? What's wrong with me?'

But she was also happy to have a loyal husband. Once when they went to a banquet together, she left for the lady's room for a moment and many women took this opportunity to approach Boris.

She saw a woman clearly trying to seduce Boris by pressing her breasts against his arm.

Melissa lost her temper immediately.

She wanted to walk back to him and push those women away. But Boris had already taken actions before her.

Boris didn't notice her and said indifferently, "Don't you know that I am a married man? If anyone dares to seduce me again, I'll throw her to the training grounds and have the soldiers shoot her!"

Then he saw Melissa standing beside him. He dragged her into his arms and took her to eat dessert like nothing had happened.

He asked her to sit on the sofa. Then he picked up several kinds of desserts for her and said, "Honey, have a taste of these. They are freshly made and delicious. I'll bring a cup of milk for you."

What he chose w

ll she could see was a blurry figure.

Somehow, she believed that it was Ron...

Then he went on, "Your sister has married the man she loves, so why can't you forget the past and be with me?"

Michelle cried hysterically.

Because her beloved sister had loved this man once, she couldn't bring herself to be with him.

She didn't notice that Ron had gone upstairs while she was crying. Ron asked her to open the door and so she did.

At a time when everybody gathered with their family, Michelle felt helpless and lonely. But luckily, he had come to accompany her.

He hung up the phone and embraced her. Then he kissed her hair and said, "I've missed you, Michelle."

Michelle hugged his waist and asked him, "When did you... get here?"

"Actually I've been here for several days." Actually, he had secretly come to Moscow several times only to check out whether she was fine.

"Why didn't you go home to spend the spring festival with your family?" She asked him in a low voice.

He touched her hair and answered, "Because you're here."

She was moved by him even though he didn't say too many words.

As she stopped crying, he wiped her tears and took her to the downstairs.

Accompanied by his friends and the the lively fireworks, he knelt down in front of her and asked her gently, "Michelle Si, Will you marry me?"

Michelle burst out into joyful tears. As the people around them applauded their happiness, she called Melissa, "Melissa, I think I have someone I want to marry."

Melissa's eyes welled up. She looked at her daughter who was sleeping. Then she said, "Congratulations! We have already prepared the red pocket for your wedding in advance!" She had been waiting on Michelle's wedding for so long a time.

As she hung up the phone, Michelle embraced Ron and kissed him. Then she said, "Yes, I will!"

"Bang!" More fireworks had lit up the night sky. The crowd delivered their best wishes to them.

He put a big diamond ring on her finger. This ring fitted her perfectly.

Ron lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. "Michelle, finally we can be together."

Luckily, he had not given up on her.

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