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   Chapter 347 Extra Story No.17 About the Daughters of the Si Family

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 5628

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Melissa blinked and forced a smile. She replied, "Well, that's amazing."

Everyone knew that her husband was awesome.

And it was also known to all that his wife was from a very rich family.

Besides, everyone knew that Boris was on a mission right now. And more importantly, he went out for the mission just after their wedding, so he and Melissa hadn't seen each other for about half a year.

Sue was so smart that she knew what Melissa really meant and how she felt about Boris. But Sue was not angry with her at all. Her son was the one who should be blamed.

In fact, he had deliberately refused the opportunity to meet Melissa at home.

What made her mad was that he had never made a phone call to Melissa, even though he could.

"Melissa, what would you like to eat for dinner? Let me cook some delicious dishes for you, okay?" Sue asked.

"Mom, don't bother. I know you aren't feeling well, " Melissa replied kindly.

Sue insisted, "Don't worry. I am fine. Let's have Cantonese cuisines, okay? I have just learned several Cantonese dishes from Mr. Jiang's mother-in-law not long ago. I'll cook the dishes for you tonight. After eating, let's hang out together. I've heard that they're having new arrivals in your favorite perfume shop. Let's have a look, and I'll buy some for you." Sue had come up with a plan, not letting Melissa get a chance to refuse her. Then, she asked Debbie to accompany her to her bedroom.

Melissa really couldn't refuse.

She had no choice but to listen to her mother-in-law and return to her cloakroom to unpack her luggage.

After that, she quietly opened the wardrobe next to her.

There were several military uniforms in d

er husband unexpectedly got home the moment she was flirting with that man.

She remembered clearly that just now she said in a soft tone, "Hey handsome, I'm single and feeling lonely. Would you like to go out for a drink with me tonight?"


When Boris entered the bedroom, a man's voice from Melissa's cell phone said, "Of course, I'd love to. Please give me your address. I'll pick you up with my Lamborghini, and I promise to make you happy tonight."

Boris took off his military uniform with an expressionless face and slowly put it on the hanger.

"Hello, are you still there? If you don't like Lamborghinis, how about a Ferrari?"

Melissa hastily got off the phone.

That night was a nightmare.

She was absolutely sure that Boris was loyal to her during the six months that they were apart. Otherwise, he wouldn't have had the energy to make love to her again and again the whole night.? ?

Boris didn't even ask about her relationship with the man on the phone. After taking a bath, he sent a message before switching his phone off. Then, he held her and pinned her down on their marital bed.

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