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   Chapter 345 Extra Story No. 15 About the Daughters of the Si Family

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7288

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This time, Melissa went to a bar with Michelle and several other friends.

"Melissa, you've never come here before. Why did you bring me here this time?" Michelle fixed her gray, long dress, and then followed Melissa into the bar.

Melissa flipped her long hair and replied, "Tonight, I want to have a drink. Once I get married, I won't have the chance to drink in a bar alone."

'Perhaps I will get married to Boris. What if Boris' mother is a woman of action? Perhaps she will come to our family with a marriage proposal tomorrow.

Dad and mom arranged this blind date on purpose. They must have considered Boris as their perfect son-in-law. Perhaps Boris and I will go to Civil Affairs Bureau and get our marriage licence tomorrow...' Melissa was lost in thoughts.

"Melissa, this is very unlike you. I know you. You would never have yielded to dad if you don't like the man they forced you to date or marry." After musing for a moment, Michelle whispered in Melissa's ear, "You're into Boris, aren't you?"

Melissa patted on the back of Michelle's hand. She replied in a panic, "Little girl, don't talk nonsense." Melissa immediately regretted patting Michelle's hand, so she gently fondled the hand she patted with.

"Melissa... If you say so, then I'll believe you. But why did you get so excited?" She noticed that Melissa flushed...

Before Michelle got Melissa's answer, they had entered a VIP compartment.

After half an hour, Michelle realized that Melissa wasn't okay with her being with Ron...

Seeing how drunk Melissa was, Michelle took out her phone. After hesitating for a while, she dialed a number. She said, "Ron... Are you asleep now? Here is the thing... Melissa got really drunk, can you..."

She believed that Ron could help make Melissa happy.

Melissa looked up to a serious and angry face. She stretched out her hand and tried to push him. She cried, "Why are you even appearing in my dreams? How could I get rid of you?"

All of sudden, she felt her arm hurt... "It hurts... Chief Fu, please forgive my rude behavior. Don't get angry with me. Please ask your mother not to visit my home tomorrow. I have made up my mind. If dad insi

Janet murmured, "What about Michelle?"

"Ron is on his way to bring her back."

He always knew the whereabouts of his two daughters. He went back to sleep feeling relieved.

"Well... I see."

At daybreak.

The woman turned over on the messy bed. Then, she seized the quilt beside her... 'Oh... Did I get myself bitten? Why does my body hurt?' she wondered.

She was still sleepy, but she reluctantly opened one eye.

She caught sight of a... man... She felt confused. 'Why is he here? What's worse... He is naked... Oh my god!

What happened last night? I must be dreaming!' she comforted herself. Melissa closed her eye and immediately tried to fall asleep again.

However... The man said in a low voice, "Good morning!"

She freaked out when she heard him.

Melissa covered her head with the quilt, and murmured, "Oh jeez!. I must be dreaming. Dear God Almighty, please help me get Boris out of my sight. Please help me."

'But... Ah! It hurts everywhere. What the hell happened to me?' She pondered in confusion.

Hearing a noise approaching, she felt scared and ashamed. 'This isn't real, ' she tried to convince herself.

Boris forcibly pulled the quilt away. Now, they were both naked.

He said coldly, "Now that you're awake, let's make things clear!"

"Make things clear... What did you mean?"

Melissa blinked and tried to recall what had happened last night. 'So... I slept with... Boris, ' she was stunned.

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