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   Chapter 344 Extra Story No. 14 About the Daughters of the Si Family

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The other three thought that Melissa was trembling in shock because she couldn't accept the truth.

Michelle's tears streamed down her cheeks. 'It is my fault. Melissa has always treated me well. How could I have broken her heart? It is all my fault, ' she blamed herself.

Ron felt guilty. He understood how hard it was to be turned down by the one you loved.

Boris felt sorry for Melissa. He said in a tender voice, "I will take you home."

Melissa didn't respond as she was still in shock.

Boris took her by the wrist, and walked to his black Hummer.

Michelle followed them, and cried, "Melissa, I'm sorry. Melissa..."

Boris and Melissa stopped. Melissa was still unresponsive. Michelle looked at Boris anxiously and gripped his hand. She stuttered, "I.. I don't like... Ron. I'm willing to take Melissa's place to get married to you. She has loved Ron for years... We two look exactly alike. It makes no difference for you to marry either of us. Don't you think so?"

Looking at Michelle's sad expression, Ron's heart broke for her. However, Boris was indifferent to Michelle's words. He didn't care if they looked exactly alike or not.

Compared to the fragile and timid Michelle, he found the outgoing Melissa more attractive...

Boris withdrew his hand, and said coolly, "I never said I was going to marry Melissa." In the meantime, he let Melissa's wrist go as well. He continued, "I don't think I want to be married to either of you."

He hated arrogant, capricious women who came from rich families.

Once during a mission, a capricious and arrogant rich lady had lost her temper at a critical moment, and indirectly caused the death of two of his best comrades.

Ron came forward and held Michelle tight to his chest. He consoled, "Michelle, it's not your fault. We did nothing wrong. You can't blame yourself for it."

Michelle caught a glimpse of Melissa, and tried to push Ron away. She cried, "Ron, let go of me. We'd better not see each other again."

Melissa finally came to her senses when she heard that. She asked, "Michelle... Why are you crying?" Who bullied you?"

The three stood there, astounded and confused.

Michelle observed Melissa discreetly. 'Melissa doesn't look upset. Isn't she supposed to look sad?' She wondered in confusion.

She paused for a while, and said, "Melissa..."


dressed and had put on make-up, ready to go out. Then, she knocked on Michelle's door and asked her to go out with her. They sneaked out of the Si family house, hand in hand.

Janet stood on the balcony, observing her two daughters. She pointed at them as they walked out through the gate, and said, "Do you see that? That's why I am a in a hurry to marry off Melissa. It's time to find someone who will keep an eye on her."

'She was not only a trouble-maker herself, she also brings Michelle to join her.

Boris may be young, but he has become a stellar officer in the military He will be a good husband for Melissa.

A timid, good-tempered gentleman like Ron could never keep Melissa in control. If Melissa stayed with him, she would only become more wayward.

I won't oppose it if Ron gets together with Michelle.

Fortunately, Melissa only has a sisterly affection for Ron. The sooner she realizes that, the better it would be for both her and Michelle, ' Janet meditated.

Janet turned around, and then lifted her eyebrows to amuse Daniel. She didn't want to see him blame himself for forcing Melissa to go on a blind date.

However, Daniel still didn't agree with Janet. He said, "I can keep an eye on her. We don't have to marry her off." 'I can keep an eye on her if I want to.

Melissa is a free-spirited girl. I don't think it's bad for her to play outside as long as she doesn't get herself into trouble.

Melissa won't make trouble even if she goes out at late hours, like now, ' Daniel pondered.

But this time, Daniel was wrong...

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