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   Chapter 343 Extra Story No. 13 About the Daughters of the Si Family

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However, as soon as Boris' mother answered the phone, Melissa suddenly put on a smile on her face, and sweetly said, "Hello, Mrs. Fu, this's Melissa, your son's blind date..."

'Ron doesn't like me anyway. I don't care anymore!' she thought.

She gave Boris a defiant look. After an exchange of courtesies, she smiled and said, "Mrs. Fu, I like your son very much! He is so tall, handsome and strong. But he is shy, so he asked me to call you and give you the good news!"

Boris grimaced, and reached for his phone, but Melissa promptly stopped him, and continued to talk to his mother, "Hmm, Mrs. Fu... Boris said that he liked me as well. I... Um, I'm embarrassed to say it..."

What? Boris wanted to scold her.

If Melissa were a man, he would have definitely taken her to the drill ground and put her in front of a firing squad.

At this point, his mother seemed to have said something which had caught Melissa completely by surprise. "Propose?" Melissa asked after pausing for a few seconds.

'This is going too fast! Shouldn't we try to go out a few more times first?'

Boris' mother's next words shocked her again. She repeated her words loudly, "You're going to propose a marriage tomorrow?! Mrs. Fu... Please don't... Mrs. Fu..."

Boris' mother was so excited that she had hung up before Melissa could finish speaking.

Then she looked up into Boris' cold eyes, embarrassed and speechless. Just as they gazed at each other in dismay, they heard a cry from another corner of the restaurant, "Ah... Help... Help!"

With his military vigilance, Boris immediately looked in the direction he had heard the cry come from.

Not far away, a man held a fork against a woman's neck as he kept backing away, while shouting at others, "Don't come near me! If anyone dares come near me, I... I'll kill her right away!"

While Melissa was still in a shock, the man in military-green disappeared right in front of her.

The next moment she saw Boris, who had been sitting opposite her, had quietly moved behind the man with the fork.


r name was Melissa.

Not far from them, the man who was arguing with the other woman was his good friend Ron.

And the woman... She looked exactly like Melissa.

It was like a bolt from the blue. Melissa held her purse tighter and tighter.

'Ron... is in love with Michelle?

Boris looked at her and raised his eyebrows, realizing that she loved Ron.

Then he frowned a little at the thought of it.

Ron was the first to notice them.

"Boris, Melissa." There was no sign of panic on his face, as he walked over to say hi to them in stride.

However, when Michelle saw Melissa, she stood where she was, stunned and unable to move.

'Melissa must have heard our conversation!

She must be heartbroken to hear someone she loves, said that he's in love with another woman.'

"Melissa..." Michelle sobbed, ran to Melissa and took her hand.

Feeling Michelle's trembling hands, Melissa recovered from the shock she had just suffered.

'What did I hear just now? Mmm? Ron loves Michelle?' she recalled their conversation.

Strangely enough, Melissa got angry at herself. It was because she felt nothing apart from feeling a little sad.

She even thought it would be nice if Ron married Michelle...

'That's horrible!

I'm horrible! I've changed my mind too quickly!'

Melissa was momentarily unable to accept her sudden change of thoughts.

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