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   Chapter 342 Extra Story No. 12 About the Daughters of the Si Family

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7405

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Melissa bit her lower lip as she glared at Daniel and said, "I don't care! I won't go on blind dates!"

Now that she had many admirers, it would be a big joke for her to go on a blind date.

"If you don't go on the blind date, I'll send Michelle abroad for further study!" Michelle was Melissa's Achilles heel, and Daniel was good at exploiting it.

She had been protective of Michelle ever since her childhood.

Michelle looked at Daniel in shock, and asked, "Dad! Why do you insist on Melissa going on a blind date? You know that she has someone she loves, dad... Don't force her. I'll go to the date instead of her!"

Michelle thought that since she had no one to love anyway, marrying someone she didn't love would not be as painful as Melissa marrying someone she didn't love.

Melissa gritted her teeth, glared at Daniel, and demanded, "Daniel Si, you've gone too far! Does my mom know about this?"

She believed that her father was trying to bully her while her mother was away attending a dessert contest.

Unexpectedly, Daniel told her with regret, "Melissa, this is actually what your mother asked me to do. Do you think I want you to marry so early?" He had to listen to his wife.

The twins were at a loss for words.

"And, " Daniel looked at Melissa seriously and said, "You seem to have a misunderstanding about love. Your affection for Ron is actually more of a sister's dependence on her brother!"

Ron's affection for Michelle was love.

No one had said it out loud, but anyone with a discerning eye could see the love in Ron's eyes when he looked at Michelle.

"How can that be possible?" Melissa denied, "Dad, I've loved Ron since I was a teenager. You are a clever person, can't you see my love for him?"

To deny Daniel's thoughts, Melissa mustered up the courage to speak out her innermost feelings.

Daniel put his hand on Melissa's head, and said, "Silly girl, I told you, it's a sister's dependence on her brother. Is Ron really special to you compared to your other close male friends? Think about it for a second."

"Yes... For example, every time I see him, I feel very happy..."

"Don't you also feel happy to see Jeremy?"

"Of course not!" At the mentionin

's Boris!

He is a revered legend in the army... Why is he on a blind date?'

Ironically, it occurred to her that she herself, as the eldest daughter of the famous Daniel Si, was also there on a blind date. Hence, she no longer felt strange about Boris coming out to a blind date.

"She's your mother. Why don't you call her yourself?" 'You want me to be the bad guy? No way!'

Boris curled his lips and with a teasing look in his eyes, asked, "Do you...want to marry me?"

"Of course I don't!" Melissa refused with great certainty.

Boris should have been happy with her refusal, but... He felt a sudden displeasure when he noticed her arrogance.

'When did I become such a nuisance?' he reflected.

"Good. A rich, spoiled girl like you is hardly the kind of girl I want to be with anyway. Please feel free to call my mother and tell her that we're not good for each other!"

If it were even remotely possible for him to refuse his mother's request, he wouldn't have had to come to the blind date in the first place.

Melissa was the most suitable person to refuse his mother.

'What did he mean when he said that a spoiled girl like me is hardly the kind of girl he wants to be with?' Melissa wanted to bang the table in anger!

Then, in a fit of pique, she grabbed his phone, held it to his face, and said, "Unlock it, and dial the number!"

The corner of his mouth turned up with a smile. He then unlocked his phone and dialed his mother's number.

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