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   Chapter 341 Extra Story No. 11 About the Daughters of the Si Family

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 10249

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"Get away from me!" Boris turned down Melissa's request in a chilly voice.

"Boris! Are you here... to carry out a task?" A gentle voice came from not so far away. Seeing the lady in Boris's arms, Ron teased Boris mildly.

Melissa had no other choices but to hold Boris's coat tightly and wink at her bodyguards.

The four bodyguards had protected Melissa for several months and immediately understood her point. They all turned around to cover their faces in case Ron recognized them and then realized the woman was Melissa.

"Ron, you don't have to work today?" Boris asked in a friendly way. His face softened as he saw his good old buddy.

Ron smiled and explained, "I'm here to see a client." He stared at the bite marks in Boris's jaw and asked, "And she's... your girlfriend?" Her figure looked familiar.

"No!" Remembering the lady in his arms, Boris's face darkened. He tried to push her away again.

However, Melissa grabbed him tightly and refused to get off him as if they were glued together.

Boris was sure that Melissa knew Ron.

"Get off me! Otherwise, I won't spare you!" He warned her coldly in a straight face.

He wouldn't hit women, but it didn't mean he would stand her blunt, graceless manner.

Melissa immediately nodded and whispered in his ear, "Send him away. Make up an excuse. I'll leave right now!"

Boris's face clouded. He cut the crap, gave her a hard shove, and pushed her away.

Melissa screamed as she covered her face with both her hands and turned her back to Ron.

But it was too late. Ron already saw her face. "Melissa? "

She was screwed. Melissa scolded Boris a thousand times in her mind before she dropped her hands and turned around to greet Ron. "Hey... Ron... Don't get me wrong..."

Melissa had lived with Harry and Daniel who both had cold demeanours, ever since she was born. Therefore, she liked soft and gentle men.

Ron, the eldest son of the Ji family, was Melissa's childhood friend. Ron had met all the requirements she wanted for her future husband. Therefore, Melissa loved Ron.

Now, Ron saw that Melissa was in the arms of another man. Melissa tried her best to explain herself.

"Ron, this bastard, Brady, fooled Michelle. I'm here to teach him a lesson. Please don't get us wrong!"

Ron cast a confused glance at Boris and asked Melissa, "Who is Brady?"

"What? You mean he isn't Brady?" Melissa pointed at the straight-faced Boris. She suddenly had a bad feeling about the whole thing.

Ron giggled as he stretched out his right hand and patted Melissa's head naturally. He stated in a doting voice, "What a silly girl! You must have taken him for somebody else. He is my good friend, Boris Fu. He is a well-known god of war!"

Melissa was dumbfounded. He was not Brady... What a shame...

"Since you already met each other, Melissa, let me formally introduce you to him. Boris, this is my younger sister, Melissa. Melissa, say hi to Boris."

Younger sister?

Damn! Every time Ron introduced her to others like this, Melissa's heart broke.

She reluctantly

at Daniel and couldn't believe her ears.

"I said... Go for a date with your fiancé tomorrow evening!" After saying that, Daniel turned around and walked to his bedroom.

Daniel was a man of his word, but Melissa knew that if she acted like his sweet little girl in front of him, he would usually change his mind.

"Dad! Dad! Dad..." Melissa immediately ran to her dad and held his arm. Daniel stopped, but said nothing. He stared at the injured arm that she had been hiding.

Daniel knew exactly what Melissa had done tonight.

"That's not gonna work! I won't change my mind this time, " Daniel stated coldly and pulled away the unharmed arm of Melissa.

Michelle walked up to them and looked at them anxiously. "Dad, Melissa already has someone in mind. How can you ask her to date someone else?"

Of course, Daniel knew Melissa loved Ron.

Daniel stood still and looked dotingly at Melissa. Then, he said, "Melissa, you are not right for each other. More than anything, he doesn't love you."

Melissa looked rather flustered when she spoke, "I... I know that... Dad, I'll try..." 'I'll try to make Ron love me.' She thought in her mind. "Dad, you always tell me I can do anything I want. The daughters of the Si family are incomparable... I can have anything I want..."

"Melissa!" Daniel interrupted her, "You've known Ron when you were 7. You are 27 now. He would have fallen in love with you a long time ago if he was ever interested in you."

The Ji family had moved next to the Si family's house twenty years ago. Ron is the youngest son of the Ji family. Ron had known and played with the three kids of the Si family since then.

Michelle suddenly realized something. She felt guilty and looked at Melissa, wanting to say something.

Ron... Ron kissed her two days before. Should she tell Melissa?

Actually, the reason she cried that day was not all because of Brady. Ron kissed her... That was the reason why she was crying...

The man Melissa loved had kissed her... How should she tell Melissa about it?

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