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   Chapter 340 Extra Story No. 10 About the Daughters of the Si family

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 10509

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"All of you, get out!" With a clear and angry voice, a girl who was wearing grey sportswear showed up in the VIP room of the bar, where her attire was definitely not appropriate for the dress code.

Although she was wearing sportswear, she still exuded a unique temperament.

There were four guards following her, which silenced those who wanted to rebuke her.

But there was one who dared confront her. A man asked, "Who are you? Can't you see who is here?"

The girl smiled and looked coldly at the man she wanted to talk to - the man who behaved like a gentleman and stood out from everyone. Fortunately, the girl saw that the man was wearing an army uniform. If the man wore a business suit, she would be deceived by his seriousness.

The girl pointed at the man with her forefinger and said, "You! Come out! Let's have a talk!"

Everyone in the VIP room was surprised. Was this woman crazy? How dare she speak in such a way to Boris?

The man ignored her. He took a pack of cigarettes, and a voluptuous woman sitting beside him immediately lit up a cigarette for him.

Melissa, a beloved daughter of the Si family, was ignored for the first time in her life. She strode toward Boris. With one hand supporting her body on a table, she grasped Boris's collar using the other hand across the marble table.


Nobody in the room dared to speak a word. The only sound that was heard was from the speakers in the room.

Boris grasped her fist with his big hand, without any expression on his face. The others were puzzled by their intimate interaction, and Melissa suddenly shouted, "Ouch! Let go of me! Brady, you bastard!"

What? Brady? Everyone looked at the woman in surprise.

Finally, a woman recognized the girl. She screamed and gasped. "She... She is... Melissa!"

Melissa was the eldest daughter of Daniel, a business tycoon in C Country and the world's richest man. Although Melissa kept a low profile, her name was well known throughout C Country.

However, Boris knew nothing about her.

First, for him, there was no difference between women.

Second, he had stayed in the army of Green Cold Country for a long time, and he had carried out different tasks in different places before he came back to C Country. He was too busy to care.

Third, the women he disliked most were these heiresses.

Therefore, it was not surprising that Boris didn't know Melissa.

One was an army man, and the other was the daughter of the richest man.

There couldn't have been any connection between these two persons, but it seemed that Melissa's eyes were... filled with deep hatred.

"Get out!" Boris threw Melissa's hand off violently, and Melissa tottered back.

Melissa would have fallen down if she was not supported by the guard behind her!

Sure enough, she thought, this man was a bastard! He didn't treat woman nicely. He was brutal! Melissa narrowed her eyes and made a gesture toward the guards behind her, saying, "Take him out and give him a good lesson!"

The host of the get-together stood up from the sofa with cold sweats running from his face. He stopped the guard and smiled fawningly to

she would have the same fate as her guards, Melissa hastily held Boris's neck. Boris stopped in surprise. Melissa seized this chance and crossed her legs around Boris's waist to avoid being thrown away.

So... Chief Fu failed for the first time in his life.

It seemed that Chief Fu couldn't focus well since it was the first time for him to be so close to a woman, especially this charming little girl.

He stopped trying to throw her away; instead, his big hands subconsciously moved to her waist to prevent her from falling down.

Melissa knew she couldn't rival him, so she grabbed the opportunity and bit Boris's chin hard.

Then, she jumped down from him quickly and planned to run away!

Boris pulled himself back up from the pain and quickly grasped Melissa before she could escape. With only a turn, Melissa was forced to face the wall. Boris placed one arm around Melissa's neck with appropriate strength, And he locked Melissa's two hands behind her with the other hand.

His right leg bent slightly, and he propped it against the wall, between the gap of Melissa's two legs. With this perfect pose, Melissa was stuck firmly to the wall and couldn't move any more.

Not only Melissa, but the four guards in pain around them were shocked by Boris's handsome and aggressive posture.

What made Melissa even more nervous was that she heard a very familiar voice calling out, "Boris".

Melissa knew who it was with this one word.

Her first response was to bury her face in the chest of Boris. She couldn't let that man see how close she was with another man!

Otherwise, all of her efforts made before would be a waste!

Seeing who was coming, Boris realized the sudden change in Melissa's actions. But he decided to keep silent and loosened his hand. He decided not to be bothered about this woman.

However, Melissa, burying her face deeply in his chest and grasping his coat tightly, said in a low voice, "Brady, help me please!"

Brady again!

Boris found that it was really annoying for this woman to mention another man again and again in front of him.

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