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   Chapter 339 Extra Story No.9 About Nicole Si

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When I came home, I found my father's face had darkened with anger. He intended to ask Sven for an explanation, but I stopped him.

Shortly afterwards, I had to come back from America due to my pregnancy.

I was a gentlewoman in everybody's eyes, a real graceful lady from the upper class. Unlike Jane or Angela, who were lively and out-going, I was always quiet and even a bit withdrawn. What's more, Sven was about seven years younger than me. I really couldn't see what it was about me that attracted him.

Some said it was about the money. But I knew deep in my heart that my family's fortune was the last thing he wanted from me.

Although he was only 22 years old at that time, he had already stood out in the medical industry.

Everyone knew that, his own talent plus the support from his father had given him a promising future.

From the way he treated his sister Angela, I could tell that his future wife would definitely be dearly loved.

It turned out that I was right.

He had really been treating me well.

I was a dull and boring person, while he had a great sense of humor. He would amuse me every day, turning my zipped smile into a good laugh.

When I turned 30, our first son was born.

Men around me, younger or elder, including my father, Samuel, Eason, Chuck, Daniel and Jerry… all had one thing in common.

They preferred girls to boys.

Sven was among them, and he had wanted a daughter very much.

It was a pity that our second child was a boy as well. We named him Stan.

However, I had never seen any sort of disappointment or dissatisfaction in Sven's eyes. He was still nice to me, as always.

Knowing how much he wanted to have a daughter saddened me, as I wasn't able to fulfil his wishes. So I suggested to have another baby.

But Sven refused. He said, since I was over 30, it would be harder for me to give birth than when I was younger, thus we would have to consider greater risks if we wanted to go through with it.

He hated the thought of putting me in any danger.

He held me in his arms and comforted me gently, "It doesn't matter that we don't have a girl. You see, Daniel has two daughters, Jerry and our other friends have daughters, too. We can pretend to be their foster parents once in a while, and then we can send them back when we are contented. Isn't it a better idea?"

He matched his actions with his words.

The fact that we didn't have a daughter did no harm to our marriage.

At most he would chew the boys out angrily by saying, "Just my luck

r the childbirth?"

He took me in his arms and said, "Nicole, I do want a daughter, but not to the extent of risking your health or even your life."

I giggled and asked, "So it's because you can't afford a third then?"

Sven went speechless.

I had not only enraged Sven, but also my parents and my parents-in-law. They had been doting on me, but they joined forces and gave me a good scolding this time.

However, when I was being blamed, Sven came and backed me up immediately. He stepped in front of me to take the fall, "It was all because of my carelessness. Nicole is not to blame for this."

I looked at the man standing in front of me with tears in my eyes. I knew at that moment, that I would not regret making this decision.

The Buddha had really smiled upon me. I took a test when I was four months pregnant. It WAS a girl.

The smile on Sven's face had really satisfied me.

Sasha was born in the winter. The whole family had been busy taking care of me, in case I caught a cold or got too tired.

You know why we named her Sasha?

Because Sven thought that I was silly to take this risk, and wanted to mark my foolish yet brave decision. But I just couldn't allow him to call her SILLY, so I chose a homophone for it.*

(*TN: Their daughter's name Sasha sounds like silly in Chinese)

Isn't he a mischievous man?

Her family name was Si, Together it would make Sasha Si.

I did like the name.

From then on, Sven, Nicole, Kerr, Stan and Sasha

Made a family of five and lived happily together.

I am Nicole, I am very happy to have married Sven.

And I hope you can also meet someone who will love you, protect you and dote on you forever.

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