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   Chapter 338 Extra Story No. 8 About Nicole Si

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 9049

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I was allowed to stay with my mom for only a short time. When I was taken away from her, I swore in my mind that I would work hard to earn a lot of money when I grew up, so that I could be able to support my mom all on my own.

Luckily, my dad loved me so much that he couldn't bear seeing me unhappy like that, so he allowed mom to come to the castle to keep me company.

During those days, every time I pestered dad to let me see mom, he would call her.

Although I was still young then, I was well aware that dad still loved mom, and I also knew that deep inside he also wanted to see my mom.

For a few times, I had noticed something in my dad's eyes whenever he looked at mom. It was as tender as whenever he would look at me.

Then, fortunately, my dad finally found out about the truth of my grandmother's death, which proved my mom's innocence.

In order to win my mom back, dad sent me back to my mom's house and asked me to help him coax mom.

At the beginning, I was very angry with my dad and wasn't willing to cooperate with him. But dad told me that if mom could forgive him, the three of us would be able to reunite, and what's more, I might be able to have a brother or a sister, and we could all forever live together.

Dad succeeded in persuading me to side with him.

That was why every night when I slept together with mom, I would always put in good words for dad. I told her how well dad had treated me, and how great of a father he was...

One day, dad was wounded for saving a beautiful woman.

On one hand, I felt proud for having such a brave father, but on the other hand, I was angry with him on behalf of my mom.

Why were there so many beautiful women around my dad besides my mom?

Coincidentally, someone called my dad at that time. I ran as quickly as I could to grab the phone before dad could answer it. Just as I had expected, it was my mom.

I deliberately told mom about how dad had been wounded for saving another woman. I had to teach dad a lesson because he had conspired with that beautiful woman to irritate my mom.

Then, I heard my dad cautiously explain himself to mom. I was amused by his anxious look when he was trying to make everything clear to mom.

After he hung up the phone, dad blamed me, saying I had brought trouble to him. But I pretended to be innocent and clueless about what he meant.

Dad found it hard to explain everything to me, so he gave up on blaming me and went to smoke. I cheerfully ran out of the room.

With dad's efforts and mine, mom finally forgave dad.

Then, after a few months, mom gave birth to a set of twins of mixed sex. That was to say I had a younger brother and a younger sister.

I felt

In order not to bother my father with this, I broke up with him peacefully.

During Spring Festival, at the age of twenty-nine, we had a family gathering with a lot of other sworn fathers, sworn mothers, and our young childhood playmates such as Angela and Janet. It was a very lively and noisy gathering.

My fate was changed that night.

I had a feeling that Sven Si, who was a playboy, was trying to approach me in many ways.

Before then, he had treated me for a few meals when he was on a business trip in America.

It felt good to spend time with him, and talk to him over meals. Although he was a playboy, he was nice and humorous.

And I didn't have the feeling that he was unreliable like people always said, but on the contrary, I felt that he was so considerate and trust-worthy to me. One day, it was raining after our dinner, and we didn't have any umbrellas with us. He took off his suit blazer and covered me under the rain.

So on that gathering, when all the young people left the restaurant, I didn't refuse to be brought out by Sven.

But later, a thing that happened in the bar was out of my expectations.

Our young people went to a bar and played a game. The one who lost the game had to kiss a woman. I didn't expect that he would choose me, or I would give my first kiss to him. Also, I didn't expect that he would ask me to drive him back home...

After I drove him back to his apartment, he managed to make me stay there. We had sex that night. It happened so suddenly, but I felt like it was bound to happen between the two of us.

I was twenty-nine, but he was only twenty-two. I had never expected that I would give my virginity to someone who was like a younger brother to me.

The next morning, I ran away and flew back to America as soon as possible.

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