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   Chapter 336 Extra Story No. 6 About Pauline Gu

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 9017

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It was at the fifth day when I finally decided to ask my dad. "Dad, where is Kris?"

Dad took a glance at me and then replied, "He is busy with his work these days, so he has been sleeping in company office lately. What is wrong? Pauline, you look weird."

I was diffident all of a sudden, so I just grinned and replied, "Nothing is wrong. It just feels strange that I haven't seen him in so many days."

I was not sure if that had convinced Dad at that time. About a week later, my brother told me that Kris had broken up with his girlfriend.

Yes, they did break up with each other. "What? Do you know why?" I asked my brother with surprise while eating fruits on the couch.

However, he just giggled and said calmly. "They are not married. And it is a common case for lovers. So there is no big reason behind their separation.

I knew it was just a common case for my brother, but for Kris it would be a totally different one. Obviously, it was weird.

Kris was not a disloyal and unreliable man. Instead he was a single-minded man. And he would not separate with a girl once he decided to be with her, unless he had a good reason.

Kris showed up almost half a month later. I looked at him attentively and carefully but found nothing different. He looked just the same as he did before.

My mom liked pearl very much, and that's why I decided to major in design.

The day before I went to study in England, I asked Kris, "Would you go to England with me, Kris?"

He had accompanied me since my childhood. Even though I had to go abroad for higher education, I was still reluctant to separate with him.

He did not answer me immediately but looked at me silently. After a long while, he replied, "Pauline, I will have to deal with a significant contract soon, so......" He said and patted my head gently.

Absolutely, he could not miss this contract, because through this contract, he would be making further progress into his career.

I grabbed his arm in a hurry upon hearing this and asked, "Then can you see me off tomorrow?"

He did not decline my request this time and promised me that he would, with a faint smile.

But I was fidgeting, so I bit my lip tightly and looked at him without uttering a word.

Perhaps he also sensed my uneasiness, so he glanced at me worryingly and asked, "Are you okay?"

I gazed at him and the concern in his eyes encouraged me. "Kris, could you stay away from other women, now that I am not going to be by your side, " I blurted those words out. "I am sorry. I mean you...... I......" I wanted to explain myself to him, but I was unable to say anything.

"Okay. I promise, I won't."

He replied to me briefly but firmly, w

ckily through our unremitting effort, we finally brought Kris back from the land of the dead.

About a year and a half later, Kris finally woke up. I was the first person he saw as he opened his eyes.

"You've lost a lot of weight, " he said.

I continued to wipe his body to keep him clean. "Yes. I lost my appetite since you could not eat with me every day, " I replied.

My whole life I felt that we were destined to be with each other because we were born at the same hospital in the same day.

We grew up together at a very young age, but we were never weary of each other.

At the age of twenty-nine, my wish came true and I got married to Kris.

Though our wedding was not as magnificent as my parents', to me, it was still perfect.

All of the people in Shine Empire got the news that I got married to Kris. He was Arvin's son-in-law and his name was Kris.

After the wedding, I promised my parents that I was going to live with them for the time being.

A year later, I was pregnant while Kris started making advances in his career and he got busy with his work every day. But he still tried his best to cancel a lot of appointments, so as to spend more time with me.

The day I gave birth to our baby, Kris signed a contract worth ten billion dollars.

He held my hands and told me softly that now he would be able to give me and our baby a better life.

It was a sunny day. My eldest brother finally and officially took charge of my parents' hospital while my second elder brother went into politics with my uncle. Mom traveled the world with my dad, and I became the wife of Kris.

We finally got the happiness that many people pursued for their whole lives.

I am Pauline and I hope that you will like me.

I also hope that you can live a happy life too!

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