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   Chapter 334 Extra Story No. 4 About Pauline Gu

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6710

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The vase, etched with my parents' names, was my mom's favorite anniversary gift. It had been in our house at Angel's Wing Island, but my dad brought it to our newly bought villa because my mom loved it so much.

I had always managed to avoid the vase while playing. Unfortunately, this time I wasn't careful enough and accidentally knocked it over.

"Clap!" My mom spanked me on my bum. My bum hurt a little, but I clenched my jaw without crying.

That was the first time I got spanked in my life.

My mom used to talk in whispers in front of my dad, "Pauline is so naughty! If you were not in front of me, I would have taught her a lesson..."

It broke my dad's heart to see the red marks on me. He walked up to us and wanted to stop my mom, but she cast an angry glance at him.

Actually, my dad was a little scared of my mom, I knew that.

My mom gave me the second spank, but my second elder brother immediately held me in his arms and took the beating on his back instead.

My brother made a light, choked cry. He said with a frown, "Mom, it was my fault. I should have taken care of Pauline. Mom, please don't punish her!"

My eldest brother ran to us and held me and my second elder brother. He said in a loud voice, "Mom, it's just a vase. I'll buy you ten of the same vase, when I grow up."

My mom cast a stern glance at my eldest brother and asked, "Are you bragging? Your dad made the vase by himself. How are you going to buy the same one for me?" My dad had spent more than ten days on the vase, but I destroyed it.

My dad held my mom in his arms and comforted her, "Babe, calm down. Don't be angry at Pauline. I'll make more vases for you. Okay?"

My mom looked at my dad in astonishment, "You have dedicated more than ten days to this vase. Pauline just destroyed it with one kick. Aren't you angry?" She was so angry.

"Come on, it's just a vase! Wow! Pauline is so strong, she managed to break the vase with just one kick. The pearl jewelry store you loved has unveile

e beautiful and elegant Queen Dianne, who was now on the verge of death.

In order to protect her, Kris's father got stabbed right in the heart and died on the spot...

Kris, bathed in blood, stood beside his dying mother.

I didn't know what had happened to the royal family of H Country, but when I saw Kris's condition, my heart broke.

While my dad was in charge of the operation for Queen Dianne, I took Kris back to my bedroom. He took a bath and put on my brother's clothes.

Later, my dad told me that Dianne was not a queen and that Kris was not a prince anymore.

Queen Dianne was in a coma. My dad housed her in the ICU of the Yao Hospital. Many bodyguards guarded the ICU and no one was allowed to get in without permission.

My dad got Kris registered at the same school with my twin brothers. They went to the military camp together for training after school.

Gradually, more and more boys joined in. Their group consisted of my twin brothers and Kris at first; then the son of my uncle Aron joined in; then the youngest son of uncle Stanley; and the eldest son of uncle Gage...

As time went by, I hadn't become the quiet and elegant princess that my mom wanted me to be. Instead, I'd become an open tomboy.

Moreover, Greta and I even went to the military camp where we trained with the boys together.

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