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   Chapter 333 Extra Story No. 3 About Pauline Gu

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6391

Updated: 2018-11-05 00:17

My name is Pauline Gu. My dad is Arvin Gu and my mom is Angela Si.

Since I was born, many people loved me, doted on me and took good care of me.

Ever since I could remember, many kids looked enviously at me and told me, "Pauline, I really envy you! So many people love you!"

Right, many people doted on me, like my dad, my mom, my twin brothers, great-grandma, grandma, grandpa, maternal grandma, maternal grandpa... Oh! And I almost forgot! My uncles and several sworn dads.

They said that I was the princess of the Gu family, and even the J City.

I lived a luxurious life since I was born because of my great dad.

I was born on August 15th in lunar calendar. Before my mom was taken to the delivery room, she saw a full moon hanging in the night sky.

The first person I saw in this world was my dad. He delivered my twin brothers and me by himself.

He was on the verge of tears at the first sight of me... Then he put me down by mom's side to share the joy together.

When my grandma and maternal grandpa brought me to take a bath, I saw another baby in the sterile room. I didn't know why, but I could feel his presence.

He stretched his hand towards me. My heart ached, so I cried.

He also cried. Why?

Did he cry because I cried?

Later, I found out that he was a little prince. My mom put me down in his cradle. We lay side by side together. My mom took photos of us both. I was really happy.

I turned my head to look at the little prince by my side. He looked excited with a big smile. Why? I didn't understand it then, and I was unable to ask him.

Later, the Queen of H Country wanted to propose a marriage between me and the little prince, but my father refused. I didn't know what marriage was at that time. But when my father refused the proposal, my heart broke.

When I was taken back to my mom's ward, I realized something and cried loudly.

My parents didn


When I was three and a half years old, I accidentally broke a porcelain vase. My mom said it was a priceless porcelain vase.

She looked at the vase with pity and wanted to beat me. My dad and twin brothers stood in front of me and forbade my mom.

I was a naughty girl. My mom was really angry at me, and insisted on punishing me. She even threatened my dad that if they didn't get out of the way, she would go back to her mother's home.

I had been taught that people must bear the consequences of their own acts. So, I got out from behind the three men who doted on me. I held my mom's hand and said, "Mom, I know I was wrong. Please forgive me..."

My dad once taught me a trick. He said I was an adorable kid and people would love me if I acted in a childish way in front of them, and my mom, of course, was one of them.

I lowered my head and peeked sideways at my mom. Her face softened.

But she still scolded me in a stern voice, "I told you many times, do not run about at home! You just won't listen! You have broken many things already. I must punish you today so that you will keep that in mind..." Later I learned of the reason why my mom insisted on punishing me that time. It was because the vase was a gift from my dad in their anniversary.

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