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   Chapter 332 Extra Story No. 2 About Pauline Gu

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Angela politely greeted Hestia. Hestia looked at the baby in Angela's arms and stretched out her arms.

Angela understood her meaning and cautiously passed Pauline to Hestia.

"What a lovely baby girl! I heard from Mr. Gu that your baby was born on the same day as mine. My son was born just a few minutes later." Hestia looked at Pauline as her eyes glimmered with surprise and delight. She was quite fond of this baby girl.

Angela looked at the baby cot close by, which was surrounded by some housemaids, and asked, "Is that your baby boy, the little prince?"

Hestia nodded her head. While holding Pauline in her arms, Hestia walked towards the baby cot and said helplessly, "The boy eats too much. It's not enough with just breast-feeding, so I have to feed him the milk formula as well."

The baby boy in the cot opened his eyelids, showing a pair of beautiful, deep blue and diamond-like eyes.

"Wow! What an amazing pair of eyes he's got! Honey, look, his eyes look like blue diamonds!" Angela couldn't help but marvel.

Hestia smiled and said, "His father also has blue eyes. He has inherited his genes."

The prince suddenly stopped drinking the milk formula as soon as he saw the baby girl in his mother's arms. He couldn't keep his blue eyes away from Pauline.

Strangely enough, Pauline started to struggle in Hestia's arms, as if she had sensed the prince's gaze.

Eventually, Hestia failed to stop the girl from struggling and had to return her to Arvin. As Arvin held her and called her name, "Pauline" tenderly, the girl immediately calmed down and stopped wriggling.

Angela sighed and shook her head, having witnessed what had happened in front of her.

While they were talking, Angela put the two babies together in the cot and took out her phone to take photos of them.

Unexpectedly, the two babies were very cooperative and they both looked at the camera, chuckling.

Hestia jokingly suggested that they should get the two babies engaged when she saw them together in the cot.

But, of course... Arvin refused.

All of a sudden his face darkened when he heard that someone had wanted to marry her daughter upon her birth...

The next day, Queen Hestia and the King, along with their little prince, left J City. Angela also left the hospital with Pauline on the same day.

Before the royal couple had left, Arvin and Angela gave Hestia a warm send-off at the door of the hospital.

As time went by, Pauline gradually grew up under Arvin's indulgence.

The first person Pauline was able to address was Arvin. When she was six months old, she called Arvin, "Daddy."

Arvin was so excited to hear his beloved daughter call him "daddy", that he spoiled Pauline even more.

At the age of one, when she was in the stage of learning to walk, Arvin had the floors of the whole house covered with soft carpets, in case Pauline fell down and hurt herself.

Angela had even recorded a video of Pauline eating her food and posted it on Weibo. The video showed a cute baby, who was not picky about the food and enjoyed the food happily. Because of that video and the lovely little princess of the Gu family, Angela's Weibo account had gained another millions of followers in a short time.

A lot of netizens wrote wonderful comments on Angela's Weibo page. Someone wrote, "Mrs. Gu, I want to be the mother-in-law of your little princess! I have a son. He's around the same age as your daughter..."

"I will give birth to a son as soon as possible. How I hope my son would be able to marry this lovely girl in the future, " another commented.

Another person posted, "Let's go to steal little Pauline together!"


However, all the netizens who had made comments like those had their Weibo accounts cancelled in less than twenty four hours.

Mainly because, they had never expected that Pauline had a father, who rightfully deserved the name "Mr. Jealousy".

Sherman h

y morning.

And every night, Arvin would personally change Pauline's diapers or feed her the milk formula.

At that moment during their arguement, Pauline picked up a slice of beef jerky on the table and put it into her mouth. She chewed it a little bit but found that it was so tough for her. So she took it out from her mouth.

She looked at it for a moment and then put it into Arvin's mouth straight away.

Unbelievably, Arvin opened his mouth, chewed it through and then swallowed it...

Now, Angela was completely convinced with the saying that, a daughter is the lover of her father's previous lifetime. Angela was never able to eat the food that her daughter had chewed. And yet as a neat freak, Arvin had swallowed it...

After he swallowed the beef jerky, Arvin looked at his daughter and sighed, "Lovely Pauline, what a pity. The man who loves you the most in this world has married your mother."

Sherman said, "Mommy, go! Let me take you away from here."

Arvin cast a cold glance at his son, saying, "What? Do you want to rebel?"

Sherman bulged up his cheeks with discontent and answered, "You don't love mommy anymore. My mommy can go anywhere she wants. It's none of your business!"

At night, after the three kids had fallen asleep, Arvin held Angela into his arms and started to kiss her lips.

But Angela refused. Arvin looked at her with confusion.

Angela curled her lips and said, "Huh! I refuse to be intimate with a man who doesn't love me."

Arvin tittered, "Babe. How could it be possible that I don't love you? You are the woman who I love the most in this world!"

"That wasn't what you said in the daytime, " snapped Angela.

"So are you even jealous of your own daughter?" Arvin said as he kissed her long hair.

Yes! Yes! Of course she was jealous. She had never expected that there would be another man in the world who was crazier than Chuck Si in spoiling a daughter.

And unfortunately for her, that man was her husband! She felt like she was going to cry...

Arvin laughed as he looked at the aggrieved look on Angela's face. He said, "Babe, I was just kidding with Pauline. You are the most beloved woman to me!"

Angela pouted and asked, "Really?"

"Of course!" He answered without hesitation.

His daughter and his wife were the most important persons in his heart. Of course, the two boys had a place in his heart too, but just a little less important.

"Hmm, that sounds better, " said Angela.

Arvin smiled and kissed Angela. He would prove to her how much he loved her with everything he was going to do for the rest of their lives.

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