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   Chapter 331 Extra Story No. 1 About Pauline Gu

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 10388

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With the whole family's blessing, Angela was ready to give birth to her baby.

This meant that Arvin would have a daughter very soon.

Members of Si family, such as Sven had stayed at Angela and Arvin's apartment for several days, waiting for the baby girl to be born.

On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Angela began to feel a slight pain in her womb.

Arvin put a piece of moon cake that he had made by himself into Angela's mouth. But she frowned immediately as she tasted it.

This upset Arvin.

As a saying goes, nobody is perfect.

Arvin also had shortcomings even though he was excellent in most fields.

In appearance, figure, profession and power... He was perfect.

However, cooking was not one of his specialities.

In Angela's words, he was the destroyer of kitchens.

Arvin had tried to learn cooking when Angela was pregnant. But even under the guidance of Angela, he still failed.

That week, he had worked very hard to prepare the recipe before baking the moon cakes.

On the outside, they looked yummy in color and shape.

But Angela frowned as soon as she had a little bite.

When Arvin wasn't paying attention, Sven picked up a piece of moon cake quickly and ate it. "Wow! Arvin! You're so great! It's really delicious!" he said.

Hearing what Sven said, Arvin also picked up a piece and tasted it carefully. Then he himself had to admit that it was really good.

Angela frowned because she felt pain from her pregnancy. She figured out that Arvin must have misunderstood what she meant. She pointed at her belly and consoled him, "Look! I just frowned because of the pain, but I like the moon cake very much." She was confused.

Why was it that other women who were delivering babies as well didn't feel the same kind of pain like she did? Her pain got more fierce, so she had no strength to swallow the moon cake.

Sven saw Angela's expression as he ate the rest of the moon cake. He stood up immediately and told Arvin excitedly, "Your wife is about to give birth to your baby now!"

Arvin threw away the moon cake from his hand right away and told Angela, "Don't worry, honey! I'll be with you!"

Angela felt amused because she wasn't worried at all. Arvin was the only one who was so nervous!

Arvin's concerns and worrying were clearly shown in his eyes. Compared to his calm self in daily life, he looked like a different man.

Angela stood up with the help of Arvin and Sven. When she felt a little better, she took the chance to swallow the moon cake in her mouth.

It tasted delicious.

Sven was ready to hold Angela up but was stopped by Arvin. He cast a glance at him and held Angela up with his arms. Then he ordered Sven, "Open the door!"

... Sven opened the door for him unwillingly.

Suddenly, Angela pointed at the table and said in a weak voice, "Sven..."

Now Sven got nervous too. He caught her hand and asked her, "How do you feel?

Tell me where it hurts. Does your womb hurt? Is the baby kicking?"

Angela answered, "Brother, I want to eat... the moon cakes."

It took almost a month for her husband to prep

om. Then he returned to the room to accompany Angela.

After every family member had embraced little Pauline, Teresa and Daisy were ready to take her to have a bath. On their way to the sterile room, they saw two other women in refined clothes carrying a baby in the same destination as them.

Pauline burst into tears loudly when they got there. This seemed to have frightened the baby boy in the other woman's arms, and so he began to cry as well.

The sterile room got noisy all of a sudden due to the babies crying and the women's voices trying to console them.

The baby boy never stopped crying as Pauline didn't stop either. This confused the four women in the room.

Then they thought it was Pauline's loud voice which may have terrified the baby boy.

Angela recovered from her pregnancy very soon this time as it was her second time to deliver a baby.

On the fifth day after Pauline was born, Arvin told her that the queen and her husband was in the next ward and they would like to meet with her.

For most people, H Country wasn't a very famous country. The main sources of its finance were animal husbandry, mining industry and in-exhaustive fossil oil.

The people of H Country didn't get themselves into any conflicts with other countries. Besides, they almost had no relationship with any other countries except for some commercial cooperation.

The next ward got crowded with people as Angela entered with Pauline. The servants of the Queen wore the same clothes as the people of C Country and Shine Empire, but their appearances were different.

Like all the honorable Queens, Hestia was graceful even if she was just in her pajamas.

Hestia greeted Arvin with a smile, "Hello, Mr. Arvin."

The servants followed her by putting their right hands upon their left breasts and lowering their heads. Then they said together, "Good morning, Mr. Arvin."

Arvin nodded his head and walked forward to Hestia, with his arms around Angela's waist. "Your Majesty, this is my wife, Angela. In her arms is our daughter, Pauline, " he said.

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