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   Chapter 330 The Final Episode (Two)

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7711

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Arvin knew Daniel wouldn't agree in the first place, and he also knew when enough was enough. He smiled in a friendly way, "No problem. Herring, would you like a glass of liquor?"

Herring shook his head almost immediately. He took a bottle of wine from the tray held by a waitress, filled his glass and finished it off with one big gulp.

Daniel also upended a glass of wine and gulped it down gracefully.

Then, Daniel looked at Arvin and said indifferently, "Arvin, I will always remember what you just did to me!" Although it was a warning, everyone could tell he was just joking from his tone.

It was time for the couple to propose a toast. Arvin stood up from his chair and smiled to Daniel, "Come on back, I'm right here."

"We are not done yet!" Daniel had no intention of letting Arvin go.

The children's cheerful chatting and laughing came from not too far away. Arvin shook the glass of wine in his hand and said with a complacent smile, "Daniel, are you threatening me? Your twin daughters are so adorable. I will ask my twin sons to marry your daughters in the future. What do you think of that?"

The crowd burst into a hearty laughter. Daniel was a little nervous now.

The twins were Daniel's precious daughters. Even though he knew Arvin was just kidding and his daughters were several years older than Arvin's sons, he furrowed his brow and demanded, "Go and propose the toast! You are such a bad host for making the guests wait for you. Angela, please discipline your husband. Otherwise, he will become too unruly to control!"

He hated anyone who dared to have designs on his daughters, not even joking.

Angela took Arvin's arm and said, "Stop joking around. Mom is waving at us. Let's go to propose the toast!"

Before leaving, Arvin told the groomsmen with a devious smile, "Let's go drink together after the dinner."

Angela had just gone through the first three months of pregnancy. Arvin planned to wait for an extra two weeks before having sex with her again.

Since he was unable to do it now, he planned to get all the groomsmen drunk so that they also wouldn't be able to have sex with their wives that night.

Arvin and Angela left to propose the toast.

It was more than an hour later that they had drunk a toast to all their guests.

Then, Angela

troom, bathroom, behind the sofa, balcony, under the bed... The ladies couldn't find them.

In the end they heard Mandy scream out loud in the balcony. The ladies all ran to the balcony and looked to the direction Mandy was pointing at.

They saw something flying not too far away from them.

The ladies took a closer look and found that there were more then ten fire balloons flying high up in the sky.

The men in the fire balloons also saw their girlfriends or wives. They heard a man's voice, "Beautiful wives, feast your eyes on the sunrise!"

Malcolm screamed at them through the loudspeaker, calling them to come out.

The others rubbed their hands and were about to teach Malcolm a lesson.

Malcolm gave a flattering smile and said, "Please forgive me, bros!" Then he shouted, "Beautiful ladies, come and watch the sunrise!"

The men were not actually that drunk last night. They just wanted to fool the ladies and surprise them in the morning.

The ladies went back into the bedroom and before long, they rushed out from the house and ran to the beach.

The rising sun brightened the eastern sky. Fourteen fire balloons flew to the sky in a row.

The moment the sun came out, the men held their partners tightly and whispered in their ears, "Darling, I love you forever!"

The ladies also held onto their partners tightly. Some kissed them back, while some answered shyly, "I love you too..."

The cameramen took countless photos of the happy couples and captured their precious moments in the pictures.

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