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   Chapter 329 The Final Episode (One)

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Arvin wore a big smile on his face all day long. He clenched Angela's hands into his arms and asked with a soft voice, "Babe, are you tired?"

Angela shook her head slightly and replied, "No. I am fine. I just took a short break for a while."

Taking into account his wife's physical condition, he simplified their wedding. Now that Angela is pregnant, he had to take good care of her.

What's more, Arvin held her in person during the wedding and that was why Angela didn't feel tired at all.

"Well, you can eat something now and then we will propose a toast to our guests later." He took her to sit at the table together with their bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Jerry was cutting a large lobster shell for his wife. Upon seeing them, Jerry asked deliberately, "Why are you sitting here with us? Shouldn't you sit at the table next to us?" The two tables at the side were reserved to the relatives of Gu family and Si family.

Arvin smiled faintly and replied, "We are here to join in your fun, may we?"

Malcolm knocked the plate aside gently and said, "But you have to pay if you want to join in with us." He pretended to be serious.

Hearing this, Colin hastily said, "That would be too tasteless. Instead I have a new idea. Why not let them put on a show for us?"

Daniel looked at the food on the dish and thought for a while. "I think that is a good idea. Well, how about...... How about letting Arvin feed this lobster with his mouth to Angela?

Scott burst into laughter and clapped his hands, "Wow, that sounds great. That is really a good idea!"

But it seemed that they may have neglected the common interest of the thirteen men. All of them were thick-skinned in front of their wives. Perhaps the bullets would not penetrate through their faces.

Arvin cut the lobster in a few seconds and then took a bite, then grabbed Angela who was going to escape. Slowly he got closer to her lips.

Angela blushed out of embarrassment. "Don't do that. People are watching us."

However, Arvin just raised his brows and fed the lobster into her mouth. He did not loosen his grip immediately after that, but followed it with a gentle kiss.

"Wow!" Great! You are awesome!" They all clapped their hands cheerfully, attracting many people's attention.

When the guests all looked at them, they saw the two newly weds kissing fondly.

Some were confused about why Arvin kept kissing Angela there.

Arvin didn't let her go until her mout

"Now that you have joined in the game with Herring, you have to obey the rules."

But Daniel was disapprobatory. He squinted and said, "But I didn't promise Arvin anything. It's Herring who promised him, so it is none of my business. Herring should drink it, not me."

Arvin still gazed at Janet and went on, "Jane, is Daniel such a coward? Are you sure he is your Mr. Right?"

Everyone there was speechless after hearing what Arvin had just said.

But they also wanted to see them do the challenge, so they began to persuade Daniel, "Hurry up, Daniel. We are waiting for you, " said Malcolm.

Sven also echoed, "You have to hurry up. We have already waited for a long time now. Arvin and Angela still have to propose the toast to the guests later. Hurry up. Don't waste anymore time."

Daniel still wanted to say something when Shelly pushed Herring onto him.

Herring sighed and said, "Now that Daniel is also a handsome man, I will take the initiative to drink with him."

"Stay away from me!" Daniel said impatiently. He was definitely not going to drink a cross-cupped wine with a man. However, Herring was being cheeky and even got closer to him. "Daniel, we are men, so we have to keep our promise. Hurry up."

But Daniel was determined not to drink it with Herring. He took the glass of wine from Janet and poured it into his glass. After that, he asked the waiter to fill his glass up. Daniel took it and turned to Arvin, "Will you let me off if I finish this glass of wine?"

What he meant was whether he could be excused from having to drink cross-cupped wine with Herring if he drank this full glass of wine.

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