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   Chapter 328 The Fascinating Ocean of Love

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6812

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Angela, in her white wedding dress, walked on the red carpet, as the train of her wedding dress swept the flower petals on the red carpet. Ambrose and Melissa were right behind her, each carrying a basket of flowers and scattering fragrant petals into the air.

After a few steps, a familiar voice suddenly spoke out, "... Love is a fascinating ocean. When I'm alone, I want to run away. As I turn around, you are beside me. You're crying, and I'm afraid to speak. I want to tell you out loud that you have been in my world. We have too many memories to let go and forget. I love you so much. I decided not to give up or force you. Don't cry, it's not pretty..."

The sudden unexpected singing had shocked all the guests.

Everyone looked around to find out who was singing and then eventually realized that the singer was actually the groom.

Overwhelmed, Angela stood where she was and looked at Arvin from afar. She saw and felt his love for her.

Wasn't she supposed to sing to him at the wedding?

Why was he...

"I want to tell you out loud that my love for you knows no limits. Grasping our memories, holding our breath, there is something like magic in the rate of our heartbeat. It brings us closer..."

At this point, Arvin only had eyes for Angela, who belonged to him and who was coming closer and closer to him.

He was amazed and attracted by her beauty all over again and again...

As Arvin's song drew to an end, Angela sniffled and reached out for Joseph. Joseph immediately handed her the microphone.

With the microphone in hand, Angela began to sing softly, "If you say you're the firework at the bay, I wish I could be a wave. After the rain, you light up the gray. Far away you're the galaxy from space. With the stars you kiss my face. I'll go everywhere after your trace. When I'm lonely I will learn to embrace... I'll follow you along the way, like a shadow chasing down the flame. I'll wait for you right on your way. Come and stay with me if you may..."

Angela had rehearsed the song before

fluenced style.

There were more than a hundred rectangular western-style dining tables, covered with white tablecloths, and white roses in the middle dividing it.

Silver knives and forks were placed next to continental tableware, and on each plate was a black napkin in the shape of a square, which was topped with a white rose.

On the upper right side of each seat was a pretty box with a black bow, containing fancy wedding candies and cakes.

Red wine, white wine, beer, champagne... All kinds of drinks were neatly put together on the long table beside the fence.

Alongside the drinks were a variety of western desserts, such as tiramisu, donuts, rainbow cakes, mango and durian mousse, matcha and strawberry crepe cakes, and various colors of macarons.

A group of children sat around the table enjoying the wide selection of desserts.

When a dozen bridesmaids showed up with Angela in a red dress, everyone's attention was drawn to them.

It was because they were all beautiful women!

They were different from ordinary beautiful women. They were high-status, well-educated and decent... All in all, they had a lot of things that ordinary beautiful women didn't have, both spiritually and physically.

When the groomsmen saw their wives, they stopped fooling around with their friends, and took their wives to the lunch tables.

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