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   Chapter 327 Angela Was Happy

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"Oh my god! Handsome men and stunning women on the yacht. Where did Arvin find these good-looking bridesmaids and groomsmen?"

Someone answered, "Don't you know? They are the groom's acquaintances. Those groomsmen are good friends of Arvin's. The people on the yacht were all from powerful and respectable families. Powerful, rich men like them attach much importance to brotherhood. It's Arvin's wedding ceremony. As his good buddies, of course, they'll back up for Arvin."

Another said in an envious tone, "Whoa! Angela's wedding dress is elegant and gorgeous. There are so many diamonds on it. Her dress glitters in the sunshine. Although she is far away from the beach here, I still feel dizzy at the sight of her dress. She must be the happiest bride in the world."

One said, "I am dying to have such an amazing and memorable wedding ceremony! Don't stop me! Today, I'll take lots of pictures at their splendid wedding ceremony."


When the groom, bride, their groomsmen and bridesmaids were arriving at the shore, they saw a great number of people taking pictures of them from the shores.

The wedding ceremony was western-oriented, and its main colors included white, red and pink.

Arvin put his arm around Angela's waist, and then lifted her to his chest. He stepped off the yacht with Angela in his arms and arrived at the island. He didn't let her down until he reached a pavilion with a dome, which was decorated with white and pink gauze curtain. Nancy and the other bridesmaids followed Arvin and Angela. They held Angela's three-meter train to prevent it from falling on the ground.

When Angela stood on the ground, they spread her white train on the ground and covered it with red rose petals. The train of her wedding dress was dotted with shining diamonds.

When Angela got ready, several people put down the white gauze curtains around the flower pavilion. The crowd weren't able see Angela clearly through the curtain. They tried to look through the gauze curtain, but all they could see was the bride standing inside. They could barely see her face.

The air was filled with the fragrance of roses. Soft music chimed through the entire place.

Their wedding ceremony was held in the outdoors. The wedding site was surrounded by white fence. The fences were decorated with pink roses. The red and pink balloons tied to the fences danced wildly in the soft breeze.

The guests played in the sandy beach and on the sea water. As soon as Arvin and Angela showed up, they washed the

and consoled her, "My darling daughter, you shouldn't cry for today is your wedding day. I don't want to see you cry."

Angela raised her head to force her tears back. Then, she said with a bright smile on her face, "Dad, you're right. I'm happy. I shouldn't cry."

A smile of joy and satisfaction lit up Chuck's eager face.

Square crystal points were placed on both sides of the red carpet, all the way from the walk way to the stage. The exquisite vases with white and light yellow roses adorned the crystal pillars.

Chuck and Angela walked towards the runway, arm in arm. This was a path which led Angela to her happy future.

They were followed by two flower kids. One was the cute little Ambrose in a suit, and the other was Melissa who was dressed in a white one-piece dress.

When Ambrose and Melissa, hand in hand, turned up, the wedding ceremony reached another climax.

"Wow! The little girl is so cute. She is Mr. Daniel's daughter. She and Mr. Daniel are very much alike."

"I know that little boy. He is Colin's son- Ambrose. I saw his picture on Mrs. Sophia's post on weibo a couple of days ago. Although he is young, he looks exceedingly handsome. I like him."

The two kids stirred up the crowd's heated discussion.

Angela and Arvin had an incomparable wedding ceremony, which left a deep impression on the guests. They were impressed by the people, the wedding site, the bride's wedding dress and her high-heeled shoes of crystal. The wedding ceremony was the main topic of everyone's conversations for a long time. Their wedding was an absolute hit and everyone raved on about how remarkably, great and well-organised the entire ceremony was.

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