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   Chapter 326 Thirteen Men

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There were twelve bridesmaids in total, including Nancy, Janet, Mandy, Sally, Lulu, Nicole, Shelly, Selina, Justina, Sophia, Janice and Tessa.

Why was Tessa one of them? Because Malcolm was one of the groomsmen.

Why was Malcolm one of the groomsmen? Because he had been in a romantic relationship with Tessa after he played a concert in J City after the new year.

Why was Lulu a bridesmaid? Because Scott was a groomsman.

The parents of Scott and Lulu had officially met with each other. Scott and Lulu were to be engaged one week after the wedding of Angela and Arvin.

They abandoned some of the old traditions in the wedding. For instance, Sven and Nicole should have attended the wedding as family members; but they served as the bridesmaid and groomsman just for fun.

Near 8 a.m., the roar of private planes came from outside. Kerr ran over into the Si family's house and yelled, "Here comes the groom!"

Kerr's father had told him, "When you see many private planes land in the helipad, tell everyone that the groom has arrived!"

Soon, twelve groomsmen and the groom got off the private planes.

The groomsmen were Daniel, Stanley, Derrick, Jerry, Scott, Cole, Herring, Levi, Colin, Gage, Malcolm and Sven.

The groom dressed in a new black suit stood in front of the twelve groomsmen who were also dressed in black suits. The groomsmen's suits were tailored to match. They wore the same black suits, the same bow ties, the same brooches, the same leather shoes...

They all looked so handsome that ladies couldn't help themselves but scream and cheer for them.

The wedding cameramen took photos after photos without any break.

One of them posted the photo of the thirteen men together on the Twitter.

The number of repost immediately broke the record on the Internet.

The groom and groomsmen followed the wedding conductor to the second floor after taking the photos. The bridesmaids were the girlfriends and wives of the groomsmen. Therefore, the groomsmen kept a low profile...

They were willing to do anythin

2 white yachts of the same sizes. 12 couples stood on the decks of each yacht. Their yachts sailed a little slower than the bride and groom's.

Looking from the sky, the 13 yachts formed the letter W in the sea.

The sea was rough. The bridesmaids staggered because of a wave. They held the men by their sides and steadied themselves.

Having anticipated the strong waves, Arvin asked the people that made the yacht to add a thin, transparent glass wall in the front. He wanted to make sure that Angela would not be affected by the waves.

Angela's white wedding dress flew with the wind.

Arvin had deliberately chosen a wedding dress with a long tail for this very moment.

The long veil and wedding dress tail swayed in the wind and looked stunning.

Arvin smiled. He took out his cell phone and took a photo of Angela.

Arvin put the phone into his pocket and asked, "What do you think of having the wedding on the yacht?"

"Wonderful!" Angela said out loud and laughed.

She was so happy!

The relatives and friends of the bride and groom had already got on the island by yachts. The wedding had not started yet. Many adults and children played games on the beach.

They were all shocked to see the yachts approaching and exclaimed, "Oh my god! Is this really a wedding? It looks like a properly conducted military drill exercise. So cool!"

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