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   Chapter 325 Angel's Wing Island

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Sherwood held Arvin's arm and said, "Dad, I know one more blessing idiom." 'Because mom has taught us a lot of good phrases, ' thought Sherwood.

Arvin raised his brows and looked at Sherwood curiously. 'These witty kids! How could they have learned so many idioms at the age of two? Someone must have taught them very well.'

Arvin guessed that the back seat driver might have been his wife, Aron, or Lulu.

Arvin was right about the former, because the woman was now in his bedroom, hiding herself under the quilt and chuckling.

"Dad, I wish you to be perfect in every respect!" said Sherwood.

Arvin handed a red pocket money to Sherwood.

Sherman said excitedly, "May everything in life go as you wish!"

Wanda saw that her two younger brothers had already collected many red pockets, but she didn't know any more blessing words. "Waah...waah..." She burst into tears.

Arvin patted her little head and gave her one more red pocket to comfort her. "Don't cry, I will give you one more."

The little girl stopped crying almost instantly. This amused the adults there a lot.

After they had successfully tricked Arvin, the three kids turned around and were about to leave to do their washings. But Arvin stopped them and pointed at the closed door of Aron's bedroom and asked, "Do you want more red pockets?"

The twins looked into the direction Arvin was pointing at and instantly understood what he had meant. They then took Wanda along to knock on Aron's door and said loudly, "Uncle Aron, it's morning. Time to get up..."

Arvin closed the door behind him and slipped into the quilt. He dragged and held the chuckling woman into his arms. Looking at the crafty smile on her face, Arvin knew that the back seat driver was indeed Angela!

"Babe, how dare you conspire with the kids to trick me?" Arvin said as he moved his fingers playfully on her shoulders.

Angela screamed and slapped his hand away, and said, "Get out of the bed now! It's the first day of Spring Festival."

It was rare for Arvin to have the chance to get up late from bed, so he held his wife and enjoyed a few more moments of romance with her in bed. Then, they reluctantly got out of the bed.

In the bedroom next door, Aron hadn't expected the kids to trick him like that, so he hadn't prepared enough red pockets for them. In the end, as the kids gazed at him with anticipation, Aron straight away took out a bundle of cash and divided it between the three of them.

The three kids joyfully clutched their red pockets and money as they went into Lulu's bedroom.

In Lulu's bedroom, Lulu stood in fro

n cautiously carried Angela upstairs as the other people looked at them with happiness in their hearts.

When the twin boys found out that their mother was going to have another baby, they jumped up and down with excitement. Sherman put his hands together and prayed, "Monkey King, Spiderman, Ultraman... Please bless mommy's belly with a baby girl..."

'Monkey King? Spiderman?' The elders there were all amused at Sherwood's adorable words.

It was a month before their wedding ceremony, so Arvin immediately asked the designers to alter the size of Angela's wedding dress.

Then Spring came.

Much to the people's anticipation, the date of Arvin and Angela's wedding ceremony was coming closer.

It wasn't until the day before their ceremony that Angela got to know that their ceremony would be held in an island.

The island had a strange name. It was called Angel's Wing Island.

Of course, it was Angela who had come up with such a weird name.

"Angel" stood for Angela, and "Wing" stood for Arvin, because Angela always called him "Big Wing"... So she named it "Angel's Wing Island"... Angela thought it was a good name. A fitting name.

The next morning in the Gu family' house, Arvin and his friends had left the house and got on eight private planes to fly to C Country to pick up Angela from the Si Family.

The wedding ceremony of the famous Gu family and Si family had already become a focal point to the whole world.

In the Si family's house of C Country

The Si family had already decorated the house extravagantly a few days ago.

Daisy woke Angela up very early in the morning to start getting dressed.

By seven o'clock, her group of bridesmaids had already arrived at the Si family's house.

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