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   Chapter 324 Happy New Year

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She couldn't turn down Aron's request, so she accepted the card.

Martha had the card in her left hand and her right hand was held tightly by Aron, as they got in the car together.

When she was in the shower that evening, she wondered why Aron was suddenly treating her so well...

When she walked out of the bathroom, she saw that Aron was still trying to persuade Wanda to sleep in the next room. Martha intended to take his place after she had gotten ready.

But... all her old cosmetics and skin care products had disappeared.

They had been replaced by skin care products of various luxurious brands. Each set of products cost roughly around ten thousand...

Apart from those, there were all sorts of essence, masks, night cream, day cream and so on. 'These are too expensive.

All of these would cost at least tens of thousands in total, ' she mused.

She quickly put on her pajamas, and walked to next room. Angela was reading a bedtime story for the three kids. Angela smiled at Martha when she saw her come in and then continued to read the kids the story.

Aron sat near their daughter's bed, looking at her gently.

Martha walked up to him, and then pulled his shirt as she asked, "Are these skin care products..."

"Yes, I asked my assistant to buy them for you." In fact, Aron had gone to the shopping mall himself and had selected those for her. Then, he asked his assistant to deliver the products to his house. He had thrown away the packaging of the products because he was afraid that she wouldn't want to use them once she'd know their prices.

"They are too expensive..." Martha had lived a well-off life before her father's company met its crisis.

Apart from that, her father had married another woman, and she had become a frugal person ever since.

Aron patted Wanda's head gently, and said in a soft tone, "My sweetheart, have a good sleep. Sweet dreams."

"Good night, mom and dad!"

Aron and Martha left the room. They returned to their bedroom, and closed the door. Aron walked to the dresser, and opened one bottle of toner. He said, "Aren't you gonna use it? Now that you don't like it, I have to pour it out."

Then, as he was about to walk towards the bathroom with the toner, Martha quickly stopped him and said, "I... like it. I'll use it now."

Aron smiled softly and put

ach a red pocket, and one to Wanda.

But the twins still stood there and didn't move. Arvin stared at them in confusion.

The twins looked at each other. Then Sherwood said, "Dad, I wish you well."

Arvin smiled slightly, and then gave Sherwood another red pocket.

Sherman followed immediately, "Dad, I wish for you to have a promising life!"

Wanda said, "Uncle, I wish you... I wish you..." 'What did aunt teach me?' Wanda wondered. After thinking about it for a while and with the help of Teresa's hint, Wanda finally remembered. She said, "Young!"

Arvin burst into laughter when he heard that. Soon, the servants and Teresa were all amused by the three kids.

Arvin had prepared many red pockets because he knew that there were many children in the house. Then, he grabbed several thick red pockets and gave them to Wanda.

Sherwood started immediately, "Dad, I wish you safety!"

Sherman followed, "Healthy!"

Wanda said, "Ha... Ha... Ha..." Happy."

Sherwood said, "Successful!"

Sherman said, "Wealthy!"

Wanda stuttered, "Lu... Lu... After pausing for a while, she still couldn't remember how to pronounce the word. She looked at Arvin and began to wail.

Arvin squatted down and consoled her, "Don't cry, sweetheart. I believe that you can do it. Think about it carefully and then tell me." He looked at her tenderly.

The little girl was very smart; besides, she had been previously taught what to say. She stopped crying and said, "Luck."

She laughed joyfully when she received two thick red pockets from Arvin.

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