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   Chapter 322 There Are Many Beauties In Hospital

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 8162

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Was Arvin really going to fund Malcolm for a concert? It sounded like the kind of thing that Arvin would do.

Arvin hastily explained to Angela as he found that she cooled down. "What I said last night to Aron was just a joke. I wanted to annoy him. You are my wife while Martha is Aron's wife. Don't ever pay attention to what Aron said. There can never be any comparison between you and Martha. You are the only woman I love truly and deeply. Of course, I don't mean to say that Martha is not good, but she is just not my cup of tea. It is also because I find you so adorable that I love you so much."

Arvin followed her to the bathroom while talking.

Angela glanced at him and then started to brush her teeth. "I am not going to trust you anymore, " said Angela.

"Do you want to go to Malcolm's concert?"

"When?" She didn't decline his proposal.

"When do you want to go?" Arvin would totally make it happen for her.

After thinking for a while, Angela replied, "Let's go after the Spring Festival."

After all, Malcolm had to go back to Mando Bay to celebrate the New Year. And Angela was not going to get in his way from having a family reunion on such a festive day.

"Okay. I agree with you too. I think after the Spring Festival would be just perfect."

Arvin was still in the bedroom when Angela came out from the bathroom. He took out the bouquet of roses and said, "Babe, I am sorry. Please don't be angry with me. Come over here. I want to apologize to you."

As soon as he finished his words, he handed the flowers to her. There were ninety-nine roses in total!

He had asked Malik to order them for him last night and the flowers were delivered at eight o'clock this morning.

He had intended to surprise Angela with the beautiful flowers when she woke up this morning.

Eventually, Angela was relieved by the sweet scent of the roses. She took a sigh of relief and smiled softly. What a sly man! He always knew how to make her happy.

Angela pouted and said, "Well, I'll let it go this time. Even if you really like Martha, she will not like you back. You are an icy man and I am sure that no one could put up with you except for me."

Arvin smiled after hearing this and then kissed her lips gently. "Yes, honey, you are right. You are the only woman in the world who would love me."

...... Angela suddenly had a guilty look on her face when she heard that.

She put the flowers in a vase and

owers to.

"Maybe, " she replied quietly as she tried to suppress the bitterness in the depths of her heart. "Almost all women like flowers, " she added.

Almost all women? Then she must also like flowers.

Aron nodded slightly and walked into the coatroom.

Staring at his back, Martha clenched the toner he just took while the painfulness flickered in her eyes.

After changing his clothes, Aron met Martha by the door of the coatroom as she was about to go in and get dressed.

Without saying anything to her, he walked towards her dressing table and threw all of her cosmetics into the trash can as she disappeared behind the coatroom's door.

Martha went downstairs in a hurry since she was already running late that morning. So she had no idea that her cosmetics were gone.

It was nearly five o'clock in the afternoon.

A Rolls Royce stopped at the front door of the Ji Group. Half an hour later, the owner of the Rolls Royce finally saw the person he was waiting for.

However, she was with another man. They walked out while talking and laughing.

The man sitting in the back seat furrowed his brows upon seeing this.

"Mr. Aron, it's Mrs. Martha!" The driver kindly reminded him.

"I know, " Aron replied impatiently. And then he opened the door to get out.

The luxury car was quite eye-catching itself. It even caught more attention when a handsome man got out from such a luxurious car.

Martha had not expected to see Aron there, so she stopped abruptly. What brought him here?

Aron took out a bouquet of yellow roses form his trunk while she was still astonished to see him there.

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