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   Chapter 320 She's Sick

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Sherman asked Arvin, "Dad, Am I and Sherwood your real sons?"

Sherwood added, "Dad, Are you and Mom going to make us a sister?"

Arvin looked at his twin boys and said, "Sherman, you have the same character as your Mom, but you look like me. So yes, you're my real son. Sherwood, you're very clever. Your Mom and I will bring a sister for you if you promise to look after her."

The boys cheered up. They clapped and shouted, "Hooray! Dad, can you bring us a sister tomorrow?"

Everybody was amused by the boys except Angela.

Martha held Wanda up and said to Aron, "Go ahead if you have some work to finish. Wanda is okay here with me." She didn't want to disturb him with their kid at the end of the year. She presumed he was busy.

But Aron thought differently.

He seemed to be very angry, and said coldly, "I don't have any work right now. My assistant can handle them without me." He couldn't help thinking how reluctant she was to take a walk with him.

Martha paused and said, "That's all right. They all went out, let's go, too."

It was nearing the lunar new year, Martha felt a bit cold, so she tightened Wanda's scarf. Wanda walked by the side of the road, with one hand held her mother

And the other by Aron, she asked her Dad, "Daddy, Sherman and Sherwood want to have a sister, but I want to have a brother, can you and Mommy get me a brother?" Wanda looked up at her parents expectantly.

Wanda's naive questions made Martha blush, she said to her daughter, "Wanda, Are Sherman and Sherwood not your brothers? Why do you want to have another brother?"

"Okay, Daddy will get you a little brother." Aron interrupted Martha before she could finish.

Wanda was so happy that she jumped and said, "Daddy, you're the best, I love you."

Martha glanced at him and thought, 'Is he serious?

Did he mean to have a child with me or someone else? It's possible, is it?

Maybe he did want to have a child with another woman.'

She was upset when she thought about that.

Aron suddenly blocked her way. He lifted up her delicate jaw with his long fingers while looking into her e

and said, "I'll go in a minute."

Arvin was a bit puzzled, but when he saw the look in Aron's eyes, he realized the reason. Aron didn't want to leave his wife alone with him. But Martha's eyes were closed, she seemed to be very uncomfortable, so Arvin said, "Aron, she's having a fever, you know, it can easily cause pneumonia if delayed......"

The more Aron worried about his wife being alone with his brother, The more Arvin wanted to do it. It was a good chance for him to get revenge. He recalled the awkward scene on their wedding ceremony, when Aron appeared on screen with Angela, which made all the guests misunderstand that they had some sort of love affair.

Arvin wouldn't forgive hAron easily for that even though Aron was his elder brother and nothing was going on between him and Angela. He had been waiting for a chance to get back at Aron.

Aron raised his fists, Arvin stood up and said, "Easy, dude. I'm going back to be with my wife now, and I would encourage Martha to remarry if she got pneumonia."

Remarry? That was exactly what Aron was worried about. He believed that money was the only reason Martha married him, she didn't love him at all. And if she got pneumonia just because of his petty jealousy... She may seriously reconsider remarrying.

Aron had no choice but to hold his temper. He just lightly punched Arvin on the shoulder because he was a little embarrassed.

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