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   Chapter 319 Arvin Is Making Trouble

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Angela had planned to make sweet and sour chicken wings for the kids because there were many of them there today, and the sweet and sour flavor was always popular among kids. Unfortunately, she had forgotten to take out the ketchup from the fridge first.

Arvin walked to the refrigerators to get the ketchup for Angela. They had several refrigerators built into one wall of the kitchen. There were ten refrigerator doors. 'Which door should I open?' Arvin thought in his mind.

Angela continued before the person behind her could say anything, "It's on the upper part of the refrigerator on the right. I put it there this afternoon."

Angela wondered why Aggy hadn't responded yet. She didn't turn her head as she was too busy frying the chicken wings and had to focus solely on that, otherwise, the chicken wings could get burnt.

When Angela couldn't wait any longer and was about to turn her head to check what was going on, an uncovered tube of tomato paste was handed to her. She immediately took it and said, "Aggy, that's very thoughtful of you to open it for me beforehand. I would have had to use a knife to open it!"

Suddenly, someone with a strong and warm touch held Angela by the arms. She went rigid at first, but then felt at ease when she sensed a familiar fragrance. Angela asked in a soft voice, "When... did you get back?"

So, she was demanding... Arvin just now.

Arvin kissed Angela in the cheek and answered, "I just got back from work. Babe, why didn't you answer my calls?"

Arvin had called Angela several times earlier on, but she didn't answer.

Angela thought for a while and then pointed to the ceiling, "I left my phone in the bedroom."

Fine! Arvin thought Angela was angry again. "Is the cook off duty today?" Arvin asked. Why was Angela cooking food?

Angela put some seasonings into the pan and didn't respond to Arvin just yet. Then she turned around and put her arms around Arvin's waist, "I wanted to cook for you..."

Arvin smiled and kissed her in the lips out of joy, "Why are you being so sweet today?"

Angela leaned against Arvin and murmured, "Because... you've be

were thousands of comments.

Some said Arvin was just showing off their affection to excite them.

Some praised Angela's cooking.

Some were envious of Angela and Arvin's appearances.


Everyone raved about the dishes that Angela had made.

Arvin didn't say anything anymore. He buried himself in the food, which was enough to prove that he loved Angela's cooking very much.

The four kids really liked the sweet and sour chicken wings. They ate in copious amounts, lips covered with sauce. Angela wiped the sauce for them, but their lips were immediately full of sauce again. Angela gave up, and decided to clean them after the meal.

The supper ended in a happy atmosphere.

After supper, Arvin and Angela planned to go out for a walk with their twins.

Aron and Martha went for a stroll with Wanda.

Rom and Lacey walked with Bob.

They had wanted to ask Lily together, but Teresa refused, "Just enjoy your pleasant walk. Your dad and I will take care of your grandma!"

Hogan added, "If you want to spend the night alone, you can leave your kids home."

Arvin looked at the twins before he picked them up and handed them over to Hogan. He patted their heads and said, "Your mom and I are going to spend the night together. Remember, behave well and don't give your grandparents too much trouble!"

Speechless, the twins raised their heads and stared at their dad with innocent eyes.

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