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   Chapter 318 Let Go of the Past

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6848

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As Angela was picking out a New-year's gift for Arvin, she received a WeChat reply from him, which read, "Angela, I've been staying in the hospital these past few days." He meant that he was being honest and loyal to her.

"I know, " she replied. Angela knew that Arvin had not only been busy with research and development, but also with various hospital affairs. She saw how hard he had been working.

"Come to my hospital."


"I'll examine you myself to see if you are... ill." Angela's sudden sweet nothings left the unflappable Arvin at a loss...

He immediately called the bodyguards to keep a firm eye on Angela in case she tried to run away from home or elope again.

He was not worried about what Fabian would do to Angela, because he had already spoken to Fabian's grandfather in person. Since Fabian and Angela had separated, his grandfather had been pressuring him to go on a blind date almost every day, leaving him no time to see Angela.

Angela stopped short as she read Arvin's message. Looking back in bewilderment, Nancy found her in tears, so she walked back to her, and asked, "What's wrong, Angela? Are you okay?"

Angela shook her head, and answered, "It's nothing. I'm fine..." She just felt she had... been too hard on Arvin, or too stubborn.

Now Arvin felt uneasy because she told him that she loved him.

What about her? She would feel out of whack if Arvin didn't say honeyed words to her.

"Are you feeling sick, Angela?" Nancy looked at her anxiously.

Angela took out a tissue, wiped her tears, and responded, "No, Nancy. I have just decided to trust Arvin again..." Now without Rosa and Nita, could it be... just the two of them? She would like to try again.

Nancy softly patted her on the back and sighed, "Oh, Angela, you've finally decided to let go of the past. Don't worry, I'm sure Arvin will make you happy!"

Angela looked up at her, holding her tears at bay.

Then she recouped herself, and continued to look for Arvin's gift.

After shopping in the afternoon, they both sep

e little girl was falling behind, they stopped gently. It wasn't until Wanda had jumped into Arvin's arms that they each held onto Arvin's legs.

Arvin picked all three kids up in his arms, who were shouting in excitement to see Arvin

Rom, Lacey and their son Bob had also just come back. Seeing Arvin, Bob got up from the couch and greeted him respectfully, "Uncle Arvin."

Arvin patted his head, and asked, "Where's your aunt Angela?"

Lacey chaffed him and replied, "You two are so in love. The first thing you ask when you get home is, 'where is Angela?' Are you afraid that we'll sell her off to someone else?"

Teresa also smiled and said, "Fortunately, Angela has forgiven him. Otherwise, we would not feel sorry for him even if he were single for the rest of his life!"

They immediately changed the subject and still didn't tell him where Angela was.

When he was about to walk upstairs, Bob stopped him and told him, "Uncle Arvin, aunt Angela is in the kitchen."

'She's in the kitchen?' The answer relieved his uneasiness. He immediately changed directions and went straight into the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen, a woman wearing an apron, standing with her back to the door, was cooking. Hearing the door open, she thought the servant, who helped her trim vegetables, had come in, and said, "Aggy, get me some ketchup from the fridge."

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