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   Chapter 317 A Little Physical Punishment is Needed to Bring Up A Good Son

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 9189

Updated: 2018-11-02 00:11

Arvin looked at his wristwatch and saw that it was almost eleven o'clock, so he patted Scott's shoulder and said, "It's getting late, so I am not going to invite you into the house tonight. Please go back home now. The snow might grow heavier later."

"Okay, please send my regards to Angela. I should be going now, " said Scott.


When Arvin went to his bedroom, he saw Lulu whispering to Angela there. Upon seeing Arvin, Lulu immediately ran out of their bedroom as quickly as she could.

Arvin frowned as he smelled the aroma of alcohol floating in the air. He wondered, 'Wasn't it Scott who drank tonight?'

"Why are you frowning? Look, you've frightened Lulu away!" Angela walked up to him, tiptoed, and smoothened his furrowing brows.

Arvin held her into his arms and said, "If Lulu behaves well, I won't be as strict with her as I am now."

"Okay, take it easy. She has a boyfriend now. Don't worry so much, " assured Angela. Scott was a good man, so Angela believed that he would be able to take care of Lulu.

"Okay, I know. Did our sons behave well today?" Arvin asked and kissed her cheeks, then her neck...

Angela pushed him and tittered, "Sherman asked how much red pocket* money you are going to give him on Spring Festival. If the money is not enough, he and Sherwood will take me back to C Country."

(*TN: red pocket or red envelop, means the money wrapped with a piece of red paper. It's a custom for the adults to give red pockets to the children on Spring Festival.)

Angela sighed when she thought about her naughty eldest boy. Sherman was too hyper, while Sherwood was composed. Angela thought that the two brothers should learn from each other and create a balance.

Hearing her, Arvin raised his brows and said, "Ask him to wait for me tomorrow!" 'How dare he attempt to take my wife away. That brat... I have to teach him a lesson.'

Arvin needed to perform a surgery tomorrow morning, so he would go out early. He wouldn't have the time to spank Sherman until he came back from work.

"Why? What are you going to do?" asked Angela.

Arvin said affirmatively, "A little physical punishment is needed to bring up a good son!"

Angela was dumbfounded. Did she just tell on Sherman? "Honey, Sherman is such a lovely boy. Would you be able to bear see him get spanked?"

In order to make the man cool down, Angela kissed him on the cheek to comfort him.

Arvin teased, "How about you sacrifice yourself for him? I will consider letting him off."

Angela pinched his ear and teased, "Tomorrow, I will ask grandma to give you some Chinese medicine. Otherwise, I am afraid that your body couldn't take it anymore."

Arvin kissed her neck as he said, "I would agree to take the medicine. Bu

n Arvin, you would've gone overboard."

'Arvin has done a lot of things for me behind my back...' Angela trusted Nancy's words because Arvin had not only done a lot of things in secret, but he had also treated her very well in front of her... Arvin treated her so well that even Daisy wanted to punch Angela for her stubbornness.

Angela sighed.

She heart was aching to think of what Arvin had done for her.

Arvin was such a smart man... Why was he so stupid to have tormented himself in loving her...

Angela sniffled and her eyes reddened when she recalled how well Arvin had treated her all these years.

Fortunately, she had already forgiven him. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to find another man who loved her so much.

Angela took out her phone and sent a WeChat message to Arvin, "Honey, I love you. Love you so much!"

Nancy sighed with relief. In the past two years, every time she called Angela, Angela would tell her that she couldn't resist it anymore and that she felt she was going to forgive Arvin soon...

But when she thought about Rosa Yin, she restrained her feelings and decided not to forgive Arvin.

Nancy, of course, could understand why Angela had felt that way. she would always confront Angela, "If you can't forgive him, then divorce him right now!"

Angela would answer, "He doesn't agree to divorce me! I have mentioned it to him many times."

... Nancy really wanted to tell Angela that she had a sworn brother and a sworn father who were both outstanding lawyers.

If she actually wanted to divorce Arvin, she would have had been successful already. The fact was that she had never meant to do it. Nancy was well aware of it, but she didn't expose it in front of Angela. Angela was just too stubborn; she was only strong when it came to saying things other than doing them.

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