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   Chapter 316 You Can Talk About This With Angela

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Arvin gave her a brief answer, "You are too young to date any men."


Therefore, when Arvin told her that she could date Scott two years ago, Lulu refused his proposal and expressed her resistance, even though she liked Scott very much.

"You're not my father. You have no right to decide whom I should date!" she protested.

As Lulu's brother, Arvin understood her clearly, so he also knew that she was telling a lie when she told him that she didn't love Scott.

When Lulu saw the falsified diagnostic report that Arvin had prepared which showed that Scott was in the final stage of cancer, she couldn't hide her feelings to him any more.

... Arvin might be the only one in the world who had tricked his sister so many times.

As for Scott, Lulu heard that he had many ex-girlfriends.

Scott stopped kissing Lulu until she couldn't catch her breath. Their heads pressed against each other in the snow. "Come home with me for the spring festival, " said he.

Lulu was still a little dizzy, then she asked, "Why?"

"To visit my parents!" answered Scott.

Lulu pushed him away immediately and said, "No, I won't go with you! We have broken up! You can go with your girlfriend in your college!"

Scott felt a little headache and explained to her, "I've told you that I don't know why that photo appeared between the pages of my book."

He felt wronged. He hadn't read that book in such a long time, and he had totally forgotten about that girl. Unfortunately, Lulu found that book by accident on the day they went to his apartment together...

He was annoyed with his so-called friend and partner who told Lulu his relationship with that woman in college.

Many other conflicts also arose, so they began to quarrel with each other. In fact, Scott had kept silent most of the time, but Lulu never stopped accusing him.

She proposed to break up, and he refused at first, but she compelled him to accept it.

Scott felt wronged.

"Look! You're already impatient with me.

A strong smell of alcohol in the air had drawn Arvin's attention.

Scott answered without hesitation, "I did!" At the same time, he used one hand to push Lulu into the gate to hide her from Arvin.

Lulu understood immediately and slipped into the house as the two men were talking.

After gave a glimpse at Lulu, Arvin's eyes softened. "Lulu is just a little girl, and she's always naughty. I hope that you can help her whenever she makes mistakes, " he told Scott.

Scott knew that Arvin cared about Lulu very much. Scott put on his jacket and said with a smile, "Angela was also a naughty girl when you met her, but you never minded that."

After hearing Angela's name, Arvin's face brightened, and he said, "Angela is different from Lulu. No matter what she does, I will always love her."

Scott took a deep breath and told Arvin honestly, "I have the same feelings for Lulu. No matter what she's does, I will love her forever."

Arvin cast a glance at him and said with a smile, "It would be better if you propose to her during the spring festival."

Although Lulu hadn't finished studying yet, she was old enough to get married. Arvin felt happy to have Scott take care of Lulu for the rest of her life as her husband.

Scott nodded and said, "Thank you for your suggestion. I have planned it for a long time."

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