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   Chapter 315 They Broke Up Just Because of A Photo

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6968

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As Angela came out of her bedroom, she saw Aron leaving the house.

Angela went back to her room at once and closed the door. She ran to Arvin and asked him, "What should we do? Your brother had an argument with his wife and left home just now!"

'Maybe it's because of Aron's female secretary, ' Angela guessed.

Arvin cast a glimpse at her. Then, he suddenly pressed her on bed with his body and said, "Now that we have nothing to do, let's do something interesting and rebuild our relationship!"

Recently, Angela seemed to be not as hostile to him as she used to be, which made Arvin very happy. He was even thinking of having sex with Angela every day.

"Rebuild our relationship? Is it because you afraid that I would quarrel with you again?" she asked him. Angela put her hands on his chest and looked at him with a smile.

"Quarrel with me?" Arvin smirked, "That's impossible! Any conflict between us could be settled by making love!"

"What if we come across a problem that can't be dealt with by merely making love?" she asked him.

"Then... we'll make love twice!"


She pushed Arvin and lay in his arms. "I haven't forgiven you yet! Don't be so shameless!" said she.

"I don't mind sleeping with you!" replied Arvin.

"But... I won't forgive you even if we make love twice!" Angela retorted sharply. In the dim light, she blushed. Then, she turned her back to Arvin.

Arvin seemed to have realized something and said, "I get it! You want to have sex with me more than a couple of times!"

Angela pulled the quilt over her face and accused him, "How can you be so shameless? I won't forgive you no matter how many times we sleep together!"

That sounded weird. The point was she hadn't forgiven him, not how many times they should sleep together! Angela was not prepared for what Arvin had wanted to do next...

Arvin got into the quilt at once. He grasped her cold feet and pressed them against his body. Then, he whispered beside her ear, "If it doesn't get solved by having sex many times, then we might as well have sex every moment of our

ively, "Okay. Thank you. Bye!" After giving the umbrella back to Lulu, he left at once.

Scott put the umbrella into her hand and said, "Take it!" Then, he held her up with his arms.

Lulu murmured, "Who do you think you are? I won't listen to you! I won't take it!" Then, she threw the umbrella away. This time, the wind got heavier, blowing away strongly...

The heavy snow fell upon their heads and clothes. Later on, Scott put her back on the ground and kissed her lips.

They had kissed for countless times, and he was the only man she had ever kissed.

Technically, Scott was not her first boyfriend. When she was a freshman, she had fallen in love with the captain of basketball team of her college.

The captain was also attracted to her, so they dated for several months.

However, he was transferred to another school for unknown reasons all of a sudden.

Later on, she spent much time figuring out why. Finally, she found out that it was Arvin who forced him to transfer to another school.

Before Arvin got together with Angela, he was a terrible man. Arvin must have threatened that captain with extreme methods because when Lulu tried to call that boy once again, he changed his phone number immediately.

She wasn't really mad at Arvin, but she was a bit irritated. So she went to asked Arvin directly, "Why did you get him to transfer to another school?"

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