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   Chapter 314 Unwilling

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Angela and Lulu saw that there was bitterness in Martha's smile.

Walking into the living room, Lulu called and had someone investigate thoroughly about that secretary called Judy.

Within two days, she learned that Judy was only a minor secretary in Aron's company. She came from a well-off family in the suburbs, and rumor had it that she and Aron were very close.

Lulu had spent some money and pulled some strings to expose Judy's abortion when she was in university, and she also had the executives of Aron's company to fire her for a random excuse.

That night, Aron went home and questioned Martha, "Did you have someone expose Judy's scandal when she was in college and have her fired?"

Martha was slightly surprised and brought Wanda, who was sound asleep, into her bed in the children's room.

Aron followed her because he felt warm after seeing her take care of their daughter.

When Martha turned and saw the man on the bedside, she felt even more bitter.

She tucked her daughter in the quilt, walked silently out of the children's room, and asked him quietly, "You think it was me? Have you even investigated about it?"

He frowned, "If you admit it, I won't have to investigate any more."

The couple went into their room separately. Martha pulled her long hair up, so her fair-skinned neck was shown. Seeing it, Aron's throat tightened.

"Why won't you speak?" asked Aron.

Before Martha could say anything, Aron spoke again, "If you keep silent, I will take that as a yes."

Upon hearing his words, she was pissed off, but she laughed out loud. She was dumbfounded. Then, she said, "Did she tell you that?"

A man in his thirties was acting like a teenager in front of women.

Aron kept silent. Just now, when Judy saw him, she grabbed his hand and said that it was Martha who had exposed her and bought off the manager to fire her.

He let his assistant deal with her, and he went home immediately. He talked to Martha under the excuse of getting angry for Judy's situation.

"Aron, you are so childish. If you really like her, you can keep her outside of this house. I won't bother y

bed, and said, "Do Aron and Martha always... fight like this?" Standing on the balcony, she could vaguely hear the noise from Aron's bedroom.

Arvin raised his eyebrows and said, "I think that they are fine. After all, you have heard them-"

His mouth was covered by Angela.

When she went to the balcony earlier, Angela noticed a strange noise from Aron's bedroom. She went near to have a look. Aron had forgotten to close the window.

The noise from the inside... After Angela heard it, she immediately stepped back and unexpectedly bumped into Arvin's chest, who was looking for her.

Arvin wanted to say something when he also noticed the noise coming from the next room. He immediately looked down at Angela in his arms with his eyebrows raised.

Angela immediately waved her hands and explained, "No. No. I just... I just realized."

What a coincidence. He came in right at the moment she realized what it was about.

Arvin seemed to have believed it and wanted to see through the window, but he was pulled back into the bedroom by Angela.

While Arvin was having a shower, Angela had a long phone call with Nancy. After that, they heard something quite intense from the bathroom next door.

Only, this time... They seemed to be fighting.

Angela tried hard to suppress her curiosity. She prepared to go to the children's room to check on the children, and then she would come back to sleep.

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