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   Chapter 312 We Are Not Siblings Anymore

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Arvin had done most of the administrative work in Chengyang Private Hospital. As a result, Sven had been living an easy life.

"I'm not lazy! I just want to offer Arvin the chance to lead both the Chengyang Private Hospital and the Yao Hospital. What a great opportunity it would be for him..."

"Sven Si, just take over our family business! Don't be ridiculous! I know you don't pity Arvin, but I do!" Arvin heard Angela's words as he happened to walk out of the bathroom.

Arvin knew Angela had been saying no but meaning yes for the past few years.

She worried about him, even though she pretended that she hated him and refused to be with him!

Sven didn't want to give up. He wanted to go travelling with his wife more often. "Angela, why are you being so silly? I'm giving Arvin a chance to make more money to support his family. Why won't you thank me instead?"

"Sven, you have two sons too. You also need to make money and support your family! Stop talking nonsense! Otherwise, I will tell dad that you refuse to take over his hospital! Sven Si, think about it. If your son refused to take over your company, would you be sad?"

Angela believed that Sven was a weird person. Well, not necessarily... since all members of the Si family were kind of weird.

Other families intensely and aggressively competed for the right of succession, but Sven didn't want to take over Chengyang Private Hospital at all!

If Sven ever showed any degree of willingness to fight for the right of succession, Angela would instantly give the position of Hospital Director to Sven.

She was married to Arvin now. It was inconvenient for her to operate Chengyang Private Hospital from J City. She refused to live separately from her husband.

As a result, Angela had decided to indoctrinate Sven with responsibilities.

Sven answered briefly, "I'm not sad at all! I just want my sons to be happy!"

Angela's mind went blank.

As she was pondering hard, Arvin took the phone from her hand and spoke to Sven, "If you don't take over Chengyang Private Hospital, you are not my brother anymore! You are not even as powerful as your wife! Shame on you!"

no hospital administrator finally settled down.

Angela and Arvin's wedding was going to be held in the third lunar month of the next year. Arvin hid the wedding venue from Angela, making it a secret.

In the first lunar month, Angela in a thick down jacket went to try on her wedding dress with Arvin and their kids.

Her wedding dress was designed by an international designer. Angela looked elegant and graceful in the dress.

It was supposed to be a happy Chinese lunar new year for the family, but something related to Martha and Aron cast a gloom over the celebration.

A lady with a big belly went over to the Gu family's house the other day.

Lulu opened the gate and asked in confusion, "Who are you?"

The lady smiled and said, "I'm here for Aron."

"Why? What do you want from him?"

The lady said, "Aron is the father of my baby. I'm going to give birth in a few months. Aron should be responsible for it!"

Lulu was annoyed, so she shouted, "Stop talking nonsense! Who are you? Do you know that Aron is married and already has a child?"

The lady answered indifferently, "I know that Aron is married, but he doesn't love his wife. They have a miserable marriage."

Lulu was irritated. "Are you out of your mind? Get out of here! Look at yourself in the mirror. You are not worthy to be here!"

"You..." The lady pulled a long face, but she dared not offend the lady in expensive clothes in front of her.

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