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   Chapter 311 I'll Marry You.

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7284

Updated: 2018-10-31 14:39

On the third day, Angela tried to do something directly on Arvin, but how could she defeat him...

She was thinking about creating some substances to help her escape.

But, unexpectedly, Arvin had moved the research lab which was supposed to be inside the mansion to

A place she didn't know about.

On the fourth day, Angela protested using the simplest method - threatening!

The guard called when Arvin was having a meeting in the hospital. "Mr. Gu, Mrs. Gu... she... she has a knife on her neck..."

The guard stopped, but Arvin knew what he meant.

Arvin said to the guard indifferently, "Just tell her that her two children will have a new mother if she dies. If she doesn't care, then she can go ahead with whatever she wants to do." Arvin didn't ask if Angela was trying escape because he knew that she would certainly try every means.

In spite of what he had said, Arvin ended the meeting hastily and rushed to Shengfeng Mansion.

On seeing what was happening in the apartment, Arvin's face darkened.

Angela, wearing the off-shoulder dress he bought for her, was smiling brightly at the guard, saying, "Hey, handsome guy! Please? Let me go! I'll remember your great kindness forever!"

Hearing Angela speak to another man in such a soft voice, Arvin's face became darker.

The guard, who was standing with his back toward the door, shook his head immediately and said, "Mrs. Gu, I'll leave now. Please don't do that again; otherwise, your children will have a new mom. It's not worth it!"

Since it didn't work, Angela thought that she might be getting old. Seeing that the guard was leaving, she pounded the table and shouted angrily, "Bring Arvin here. I'll divorce him!"

Just then, Arvin showed up...

Angela blinked and rubbed her eyes quickly. What brought Arvin here?

Anyway, Angela was apparently driven mad. She threw herself upon Arvin, pummelling him, and said, "You bastard! Let me go. I'll ask Jerry to sue you! You're imprisoning me illegally! You bastard! I'll divorce you! I'll really divorce you!" Angela would be bored to death if she was not released!

Arvin grasped her flapping fists tightly and asked, "Are you going

It seemed that her life was under full control by Arvin!

In the Gu family's house, Angela hugged her two sons tightly and kissed their faces long and hard.

Sherman blinked and asked her, "Mom, I haven't seen you for days. Where have you been?"

"Me, too. Mom, why didn't you call us?" said Sherwood seriously.

They would have worried about their mom if their dad hadn't told them she was going on a business trip abroad.

But where did she go?

She couldn't tell them that she was imprisoned by their own good father. How could she say that? Angela smiled awkwardly and said, "I went on a business trip."

After all, they were kids and would easily be fooled by Angela's excuse.

Since Angela had promised Arvin to have a wedding ceremony, she called Chuck and resigned from her post as Director of Chengyang Private Hospital.

Soon after, Angela received a call from Sven, "Angela, why did you resign? Are you crazy?"

"What?" Did Sven want to give up the chance to become the director? Wasn't Sven being foolish?

"If you don't want to be the director, your husband can do it! Your husband is so capable that he can certainly manage Yao Hospital and Chengyang Private Hospital at the same time!" Of course, he could, except that he would be busier... But if Arvin wouldn't take over the hospital, Sven would be busier!

Angela rolled her eyes and said, "Were you having an easy and leisurely time when Arvin was in charge?"

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