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   Chapter 310 Gender might be Responsible for the Mutual Attraction between Two People

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Angela was confused. She nodded, then shook her head, and then nodded again... She wasn't certain whether she should say that she was happy or not.

"Angela, it's been almost one month. Have you made up your mind about being together with me?" asked Arvin.

He had kept his distance from her and given her enough time to consider everything for a whole month. But even if she knew that he had shown up in public with another woman, she still didn't call him to ask about it.

Arvin just wanted to know if she was jealous of it.

Angela remained silent as she moved his hand away. 'Why is he asking such a question? If I don't want to be together with him, I wouldn't have tried on all those dresses with him this entire afternoon, ' thought Angela.

Hearing no response from her, Arvin thought she was meaning to say no, so he imperiously dragged her into his arms again and said, "Angela, my dear, listen. I don't care about what you want. You are bound to be with me for your entire life!"

Since she still hadn't made up her mind after a month, Arvin decided that he wouldn't give her any more time to overthink things.


Angela wanted to say something, but Arvin didn't give her the chance to speak and kissed her red lips right away.

His kiss was so affectionate and imperious that it made her lips red and swollen.

After the kiss, Angela gripped his collar because she wanted to speak and her lips were painful. After a while, she finally managed to say in a low voice, "Arvin, are you that hungry for women? You have so many pretty girls around you everyday. Haven't you been satisfied?"

He came closer. His hot breath fell onto her face. He said, "Do you want to try and see whether I am hungry or not?"

"No way! I don't want to. Let go of me. I need to go back and see Sherman and Sherwood, " said Angela. Arvin had already sent the twins to the Gu family's house when they arrived in J City.

He had received a WeChat message from Teresa earlier. Arvin told Angela about the content of the message, "Your older son is having a very good time with Greta. You'd better not go and interrupt them."

Greta Su was Stanley and Nancy's daughter. She was a few months older than the twins.

Gender might be responsible for the mutual attraction between two people. When Sherman saw Greta for the first time, he showed much more enthusiasm toward her than he did to his own younger brother.

Arvin h


He now realised that he shouldn't have talked so much nonsense with her, but he should've just had sex with her straight away, because... Angela couldn't be conquered by being gentle.

At midnight, in a haze, Angela sleepily said, "Huh! Leave me alone from now on..."

Arvin was about to go and take a shower. When he heard her, he caught her arms, locked them over her head, and made her open her eyes to look at him, warning her, "Fine. From now on, you will just stay here. You are not allowed to go anywhere."

Before Angela came back to J City, Arvin had already figured out many ways to punish her.

Since she was still so stubborn, he was determined to make her surrender this time.

In the following three days, Angela was trapped in the Shengfeng Mansion. Arvin had even taken away her phone.

As Angela knew taekwondo, Arvin had also arranged for two strong bodyguards who were good at taekwondo, too. No matter how much Angela fought against them, she still wasn't able to escape. But of course, the bodyguards only used defense tactics. She wasn't hurt by them.

Every night, Arvin came back and had sex with her. He tortured her the whole night so that Angela could only sleep in bed the next day.

Angela indeed had slept until afternoon every day.

The fridge was filled with all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits which were brought there by the bodyguards, as per Arvin's instructions.

Angela had to cook the food herself when she was hungry. Arvin hadn't arranged for any housemaid or chef because he was afraid that Angela might escape with the help of a housemaid or a chef.

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