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   Chapter 309 Bring Mrs. Gu and My Little Sons Home

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A few minutes later, she heard a commotion on the fourth floor. It reminded her of the commotion three years ago at the airport. At the thought of this, Angela felt her heartbeat accelerate.

Before she could calm down, she found two rows of bodyguards stood in front of her. When people still felt astonished about it, the head of the guards asked her respectfully, "Mrs. Gu, Mr. Gu has asked us to take you and your sons home."

Angela was still absorbed in the scene of three years ago at the airport. It was not until the bodyguard spoke when she withdrew from her own thoughts, "What? Who asked you to take me home?"

"It's Mr. Gu. He asked us to take you and your sons home, " The man repeated, respectfully.

The people looked at the twins and sighed. "Wow, they are kids from a rich family. I am really getting jealous of them!"

"Is she Angela Si? Her husband is the third son of the Gu family in J City. Wow, he's so romantic!"

"The third son of the Gu family? You mean Arvin? Oh! I remember that he had gotten married to Angela, and they have two babies. They are twins. I really envy them!"


Before Angela said anything, Sherman saw the man standing behind the bodyguard. He screamed cheerfully and rushed over to him. "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" He shouted while running.

At the next moment, the ten bodyguards who stood in two rows, gave way to Arvin so that Angela could see the man who held Sherman.

They hadn't seen each other for nearly a month. He was dressed in a suit and looked dashing while he casted a profound look at her.

They looked at each other in the eyes, ignored the other women's screaming. He ordered calmly, "Take them home."

"Yes, Mr. Gu."

The twins were carried by the bodyguards while Arvin stepped forward to Angela who still stood there motionlessly. With his left hand in his pocket, he embraced her with his right arm and led her to the exit of the mall.

He took them to a private jet and flew to J City directly.


They arrived at the largest bridal shop of J City.

Arvin sat at the resting area leisurely and ordered the manager and the shopping guides,

iled at her softly. "Why the late reaction?"

The shopping guides were frightened by Angela's seriousness, and they were afraid that Angela was not satisfied with their service.

But they were relieved when they saw Arvin smile.

Angela glared at him with embarrassment. He showed up so abruptly, took her to his private jet, and flew them to a bridal shop in J City before she could even react.

Arvin was playing with their babies happily on the way here.

Their smiles gave her a beautiful but surreal feeling, so she thought it must have been a dream.

When she finally came to senses, Arvin kissed her forehead gently and said, "Babe, go and try on the robes first."

Angela was so tired after trying all of the wedding dresses and robes, but she didn't care about that. Instead, she felt very happy.

After drinking a glass of water, she was looked after by several designers who came from abroad. After her measurements were taken, she finally left the bridal shop with Arvin.

It was getting dark when they got out of the bridal shop. Arvin opened the door of his car for her while she got in cheerfully.

For dinner, they ate Korean food together. They enjoyed their meal since both of them were in a good mood. After dinner, Arvin took her back to the Shengfeng mansion.

As soon as she entered the door, Arvin pressed her against the door directly and pinched her chin coolly. "Are you happy?"

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