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   Chapter 308 Just Let Her Cry

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Why would Angela cry secretly? Because her family told her many times that Arvin regretted what he had done and wanted to make up for his mistakes, so they hoped that Angela could forgive him and go back to J City with Arvin.

If she cried before her family, they wouldn't show sympathy for her.

As she thought about this, she cried even more loudly.

Outside the door, her parents heard the sound from Angela's room. "Listen! Angela is crying!" Daisy said in a low voice.

Hearing his daughter cry, Chuck got worried and was about to enter her room to console her.

But he was stopped by Daisy. "Don't worry. Just let her cry. Her mother-in-law and I have been persuading her to go back to J City and live with Arvin countless of times, but she never listened to us! Now, she is jealous of the woman around Arvin, but she refuses to admit it. How could she be so stubborn?"

If Arvin knew that Angela was crying for him, it would break his heart.

Chuck apologized to Daisy immediately, "I'm sorry. Our Angela is stubborn because she's my daughter. We have very similar characteristics."

Daisy nodded her head and said, "Everybody can tell that Angela loves Arvin. I don't understand why she's resisting. Let's go downstairs to look after her babies and give her more time to think about her relationship with Arvin!"

Chuck was still worried about his daughter and wanted to console her, but Daisy dragged him away.

The news that Arvin and Angela's marriage was in jeopardy had spread around the whole country since Arvin showed up with another woman. Some people even guessed that they had divorced for three years. Many women were waiting for the news to be confirmed, so they could take actions to pursue Arvin.

In a private VIP room of a club in J City.

"Pang!" Arvin threw a pile of photos on the table in front of a man with blond hair, Malcolm.

Seeing Arvin's cold eyes, Malcolm lowered his head out of fear. Then, he picked up the photos in puzzlement. When he

dren's shoes and hats, the two children selected what they liked by themselves. Angela was also looking at shoes while she was watching over them carefully.

Sherman picked up a red hat and put it on. Then, he called Angela, "Mom, look!"

Angela turned back to look at him and was amused by Sherman. He posed like the model on the poster of the store and winked at her.

Angela burst into laughter and asked him, "Do you like this hat?

I'll buy it for you if you want to wear it." Sherman had a light skin and looked handsome with this red hat.

Sherwood cast a contemptuous glance at his brother and said indifferently, "Idiot!"

Sherman thought for a moment. Then, he asked Sherwood in puzzlement, "What's idiot?"

Sherwood sneered and lied to him, "It means cute!"

Sherman didn't realized that Sherwood was tricking him, so he kept the meaning of this word in his mind.

As they got out of the shop, Angela gave the stuff she bought to a bodyguard. Then, they went on walking around the mall hand in hand.

When they came to a men's clothing shop, she seemed to have remembered something that made her a little upset.

Suddenly, she overheard that the bodyguard behind her saying, "They are on the forth floor."

But she ignored it and watched the two children running toward the small amusement rides.

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