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   Chapter 307 Family Ties Are Stronger Than Other Relationships

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The next day, Angela didn't wake up until noon. She took her cell phone to check the time. Oh my god! It was almost 12 o'clock!

Angela suddenly sat up in bed. Her aching body reminded her of what had happened last night...

Angela covered her face in shame. Damn Arvin!

After washing up, Angela went downstairs. Sherman said to her in a cheerful voice, "Mommy, you finally got up. I missed you so much!"

Sherman and Sherwood were playing with Wanda in the living room. Teresa and two servants were by their side.

Sherwood sat on the sofa and raised his head. He turned to Angela and said in a baby voice, "Mommy, daddy said you needed to rest more. He forbade us from bothering you!"

Dear god... Angela blushed out of guilt and gave an awkward smile. She turned to Teresa and saw her smiling face.

Angela picked up Sherman and kissed him on the cheek, "Sherman, I missed you, too!"

She had planned to sleep with the kids last night. She didn't know when Arvin sent them back.

At this moment, Sherwood took a banana and gave it to Angela, "Mom, dad just told grandma that you would be hungry when you wake up. Have a banana first!"

Angela was touched and patted his head. Sherwood was indeed a lovely, caring boy!

Seeing Sherwood give Angela a banana, Wanda immediately took a biscuit and gave it to her, "Auntie, have a biscuit!"

Angela took the biscuit, smiling, and kissed her on the cheek as she said, "Thank you, Wanda! You are such a good girl!"

Wanda gave a shy smile.

"Your grandma and sister-in-law are coming back tomorrow. Angela, let's pick them up with the kids, okay?" Teresa asked Angela.

Angela hesitated as she had planned to leave tomorrow! But now... "Okay! I'm available tomorrow."

Lily had been looking forward to see the twins. Angela had to postpone her schedule.

After a while, a servant came over and said, "Mrs. Teresa and Mrs. Angela, lunch is ready!"


Angela wondered why Arvin hadn't come over to C Country and why he hadn't called her.

Was Arvin angry because she left without saying goodbye?

However, even if Arvin hadn't contacted Angela, he talked with the twins through phone calls or video calls regularly. But he did it through Sven...

Arvin and Angela had been at odds with each other.

Twenty days later, there was some breaking news. At the victory party of some company, Arvin showed up with a lady.


It was the first time that Arvin had taken another lady instead of Angela to attend a party, which provoked much discussion.

Angela, who was looking forward to Arvin's actions, was heartbroken.

She had mixed feelings... Embarrassment, fury, disappointment...

She felt that someone else took away something that had belonged to her... Her eyes were filled with tears, a bit reddish along the rims.

"Bastard! You said you would be right by my side forever! You said you would only have one wife... Me! You said that you only love me... Bullshit!" Angela stared blankly out of the window, muttering to herself.

Arvin would be nice to another woman in the future. He would hold her, whisper in her ears, and kiss her... Angela had a breakdown at the very thought of it. She choked with sobs.

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