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   Chapter 306 I Am Together With Mandy

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As soon as Mandy saw Angela's expression, she laughed out loud.

"Angela, we have not seen each other for two years. You have become much more beautiful. I am really envious of you!" Mandy and Angela hugged each other tightly.

In the past two years, Angela had been in J City several times, but she was always pressed for time. Meanwhile, Mandy had been busy at work, so they had not seen each other, not even once.

Angela smiled to Mandy, and then she turned to face the man beside her and asked, "You two are..."

Mandy glanced at the man near her and then lowered her head slightly because of shyness. In this way, she just proved that Angela's guess was correct.

Derrick proposed a toast to Arvin and then told Angela, "We are going to get engaged, and we would like to invite you and Arvin to attend our engagement ceremony."

"Engage... engagement?" Mandy and Derrick?

The two of them were very different, so Angela couldn't figure out how they became a couple.

Looking at Angela with guilt and embarrassment, Derrick responded gently, "Yes, even though your husband was pretty much occupied with work every day, he still spent time on worrying about my marriage. Thanks to your husband, I am now together with Mandy."

Oh! Arvin was their matchmaker! Angela took one look at Arvin, whose fingers were intertwined with hers, and teased him happily, "When did our Director Gu become an expert in marriage and love?"

Arvin said with a lift of his eyebrows, "It was destiny that brought them to meet and fall in love with each other. I had nothing to do with their relationship!"

In fact, Arvin couldn't be regarded as their matchmaker. He just pushed them to learn more about each other.

After Angela left J City, Mandy resigned and worked as a secretarial staff in Derrick's company.

Once, in the company, Mandy overheard somebody mentioning Angela. When she got close to them, she found Derrick talking with a woman she didn't know.

Later on, she heard Derrick saying, "Angela persuaded her to commit murder?"

Derrick was only repeating the words of the woman near him, but Mandy misunderstood him. She thought Derrick was defaming Angela.

Since Mandy was very grateful for Angela's helping her and her daughter, she got angry with Derrick immediately. Thus, she went up to him impulsively to vindicate Angela, "That's sheer nonsense! How on earth could Angela incite murder? Are you old, con

he couldn't help but laugh out.

Sherman was sleeping with his head on Angela's leg while Sherwood pressed his face against Angela's belly and had his feet over Angela's face. They were all in a deep sleep...

Arvin kissed his two sons' cheeks and carried them to the babies' room.

In a daze, Angela felt someone hugging her. Then, she woke up and smelled a strong odor of alcohol in the bedroom.

The man kept calling her name softly next to her ear, "Angela... My dear, let me hug you..."

Angela opened one eye and saw Arvin touching her all over.

Why did he drink so much? Angela pushed his hands away at once.

But the man gave her a big kiss on the lips instead. The smell of alchohol in his breath almost made her drunk.

"Please, let me go. I will ask Aunt Liu to make some soup for you to sober you up!" Angela said this to a drunk man, so it was not surprising that it didn't seem to work.

Arvin, like a kid, hugged Angela tightly and said, "Babe, I missed you so much. You smell good..."

The soft, floral smell lingered after Angela's bath a few hours ago.

After Arvin's kissing and hugging, Angela became exhausted as she kept pushing him away again and again.

"Arvin, give me a break... Oh..."

Arvin was so drunk that he became much more passionate and manly. There was simply no way for Angela to resist. She had to get it on with Arvin.

She couldn't help but close her eyes and enjoy the intimate moments. Therefore she had missed the hint of slyness glowing in Arvin's eyes, the man who was supposed to be drunk.

At the same time, the man above her was turned on.


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