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   Chapter 305 So What

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7001

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At the sight of this, the crowd began to titter. Kelly's face turned black with anger.

She tried to resist her anger, and blamed Arvin, "Mr. Gu, you're so arrogant!"

A loud voice reached their ears from behind them, "Who said that my husband is arrogant?"

Hearing this, the crowd began to express their opinions. Some said, "Angela is coming. This will be interesting."

"Mrs. Gu is here tonight; how dare she try and seduce Mr. Gu in front of her? What a silly woman!"

"Even if Mrs. Gu weren't here, Mr. Gu wouldn't have given her a second's worth of attention."


Kelly turned around and looked at Angela. She bit her lip and thought, 'I have to admit that she is much more beautiful and elegant than me...'

Angela discreetly observed Kelly, and then walked up to her instead of Arvin. She said, "I heard that you want to seduce my husband. Is that true?"

Kelly's face changed immediately. 'Angela seems difficult to handle, ' she thought to herself. She asked, "Who said that..."

"All of them told me that.'' Angela curled lips and sighed, 'Arvin is always surrounded by these senseless women.' She took a sip of her drink elegantly. Knowing that Angela would get drunk easily, Arvin asked the hotel to specifically prepare her some soft drink.. 'The soft drink looks like the wine, however, their tastes are totally different.' Angela thought to herself.

Kelly said in a panic, "No... I didn't..." It was impossible for her to admit to her real thoughts. Then, she squeezed a tiny smile on her face and said gently, "Mr. Gu, I just came to greet you. How could they say that? They're just bullying me."

'She dares to flirt with my husband in front of me. How dare she belittle me?' Angela wondered.

Arvin ignored Kelly and walked towards Angela. He asked with concern, "Why did it take you so long?"

'If you hadn't shown up, I'd have gone to look for you myself, ' Arvin mused.

Angela put her glass of drink on the table, and adjusted Arvin's tie. Then, she held him by the arm. When she saw Kelly's face darken with embarrassment, she replied, "I

to see that woman. She disgusts me."

Arvin said without hesitation, "Out of sight, out of mind. Where is the security guard? Drag her out of this place."

Then, Arvin pulled Malik in front of Kelly, "Next time, show the list of guests to me before sending the invitations. Don't just let anyone in without my consent."

Malik was in charge of the guest list, and it was his first time to handle it. Malik had shown the list to Hogan. But no one had expected that Kelly was such a shameless woman who tried to seduce Arvin in Angela's presence on such an important day.

"I am sorry. I will see to it next time, Mr. Gu." Malik had followed Arvin for such a long time, he got to know Arvin very well. When he realized that Arvin didn't blame him, he was relieved.

Soon two security guards appeared and took Kelly away from the feast silently.

This episode came to an end soon. Arvin took Angela with him and greeted the many distinguished guests in the room.

Arvin intended to leave with Angela, in twenty minutes.

In fact, Angela had proposed this to Arvin on purpose because she didn't want to see that woman.

But since that woman was gone, she continued to greet the guests with Arvin.

Around 10:00 PM, a couple, arm in arm, walked up to them.

Angela was taken aback by the couple. She opened her eyes wide. 'He... he... How could they get together?' She wondered.

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