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   Chapter 304 Stay Away From Angela

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Sven asked, "Isn't my sister a kind, lenient girl?"

Angela replied with a grin, "Sven, you must have won many innocent girls' hearts with these sweet words.

Sven immediately raised his hands and cried, "I'm innocent! I love my wife wholeheartedly, and I swear that I have never cheated on her."

Angela glanced at Arvin next to her. She gave him a gentle pinch and said, "Do you see how my brother treats my sister-in-law? You should learn form him."

Arvin gave a slight smile. He got closer to her and whispered in her ear, "What do you mean? Did I cheat on you or flirt with other woman?"

When she felt his warm breath, Angela flushed immediately. 'Arvin must have done that deliberately!' She thought.

"No, you didn't. But when I came in, I saw you surrounded by several women." 'Even now, those women are still staring at my husband.' She thought to herself.

She had been away from J City for two years. During this period, some of her acquaintances had gone abroad, and some had returned from abroad.

Some weren't aware that Arvin and Angela had gotten married. So they were still hoping to allure Arvin.

Some women felt ashamed of themselves at the sight of Angela's return, but several women persevered and didn't want to give up on a rich and handsome man like Arvin.

Arvin suddenly burst into laughter, and asked in a low and masculine voice, "So what? Are you getting jealous?

Angela's face grew red. She glared at Arvin, and said, "Jealous? That's not possible. We'll get divorced one day."

Sven swirled his wine gently with a sigh and said, "You have been saying this since three years ago. Angela, do you really mean to get divorced with Arvin?"

Angela pouted her lips with dissatisfaction and said, "Of course I do. But..."

'Arvin was the one who didn't sign on the divorce agreement. And he has been reluctant to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the procedure done with me... Besides, no one is on my side so I have no choice, ' Angela mused.

At this time, Arvin held her close to his breast and said playfully, "My honey, stop talking about that stuff. It's not funny anymore. How about we play some other games?"

Before Angela opened her mouth, Sven cried, "You know I am here alone without my wife, so you guys are just doing this on purpose to make me jealous. Stop showing

ly refused my kind advice but she totally misunderstood me as well. As for this smug woman, I'll not waste my time again.'

Arvin was talking to Malik's parents. All of a sudden, he smelt a pungent perfume that made him frown.

Then, a soft but pretentious voice reached his ear, "Hello, Mr. Gu. I'm Kelly, the sales manager of the medical equipment cooperative company in our city."

Soon, the crowd curiously wondered about her relationship with Arvin. However, Arvin just nodded to her in a gentle manner. Then, he continued to speak with Cynthia, "Recently Malik has made rapid progress in his work. Uncle, Aunt, you don't need to worry about him."

Cynthia caught a glimpse of that embarrassed woman, and laughed out. He responded, "I am so glad to hear that from you. Thank you, Mr. Gu!"

Chandler nodded and asked, "Mr. Gu, how long do you plan to stay here this time? I'd like to invite you to dinner. This time, you can't refuse our invitation again."

Arvin thought of Angela just as he heard that. He said with a light smile, "It depends upon my wife."

Chandler chortled and said, "Good boy. Well done. You treat your wife so well. I need to learn more from you." The three of them laughed in unison.

No one spoke to Kelly. At that moment, she wanted to vanish into thin air.

However, the crowd were still looking at her, as if she were the laughingstock of the group. She tapped her glass with Arvin's and said, "Mr. Gu..."

Before she finished her words, Arvin directly asked the waitress near him for a new glass of wine.

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