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   Chapter 303 How They Enjoyed Playing Games with Each Other

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Coincidentally, during Angela's stay in J City, the Yao Hospital was also preparing a ceremony to celebrate its centenary.

The Yao Hospital was founded by Arvin's ancestors. It was only a small clinic at the beginning, and it gradually developed into the joint-stock general hospital it was today.

As the present Director of the hospital, Arvin had to attend the ceremony.

The day before the ceremony, he asked Malik Jia to send a set of luxurious and beautiful evening dress over for Angela.

"Mrs. Gu, there is a grand party for the hospital's centenary tomorrow evening. A lot of honorable guests were invited to the event. Mrs. Gu, as the Director's wife, you will also be the focus of the ceremony. So Mr. Gu has personally chosen this evening dress and this set of pearl jewellery for you. Please do attend the ceremony tomorrow, " said Malik.

Angela squinted at Malik, who had put on a courteous smile, and then she shifted her eyes to the magnificently packaged box in front of her. 'Attend the ceremony with Arvin?' "No, I'm sorry but I won't be attending, " refused Angela.

'Why isn't he inviting me himself? Why did he ask someone else to pass on this message to me? Huh!' thought Angela angrily.

Malik was baffled. Arvin had threatened him with his job. If Malik wasn't able to persuade Angela to attend the party tomorrow, he would be fired.

Malik felt helplessly sorry for himself, because Arvin had given him one of the most difficult tasks to take on.

"Mrs. Gu, Miss Si, Angela, please..." Malik pretended to cry and begged, "My parents have taken your husband to be my benefactor ever since I started working for him. They have always thought very highly of you, so please, I beg you, don't make a bad impression on them. I wouldn't want them to think of you as a bad person."

Angela was confused and asked, "How would that make me a bad person?"

"You will make me lose my job! Mr. Gu said that if you don't attend the ceremony tomorrow, I will be fired."

Angela was speechless. 'Wood, give me a piece of wood! I need to beat Arvin to death with it! What a horrible man! A sly fox!' cursed Angela angrily in her mind.

She thought for a while and replied, "Tell him, I won't go. His threats won't work on me."

Malik twisted his face with awkwardness and nearly knelt down as his legs were weak. He begged for mercy again, "Angela... Lovely Angela... Dear Mrs. Gu, please reconsider. My parents are getting old, I don't want to disappoint them, because I am afraid they might have heart attacks when they find out that I lose my job..."

Angela stuck out her tongue and shru

ered into her ears.

"On second thought, I was afraid that you'd start looking for a stepmother for my sons, " Angela said as she intimately held Arvin's arm. She walked inside with him, in her crystal-adorned high-heeled shoes.

The guests there noticed the change of mood in the emotionless man as he was now looking at his wife with eyes filled with love and tenderness.

They were all shocked.

Sven had been here on behalf of the Si family, and due to Angela's presence, he also became the focal point of everyone's admiration.

One of the guests next to him said, "Mr. Si, Mr. Gu treats your sister so well! We really admire you."

"Your sister is so lucky. She was born in the well-respected Si family, and she also has found her true love in the Gu family!" another guest said.

"Mr. Si, you are so excellent, and now you have an outstanding brother-in-law as well. Oh, how much I admire you!"


Sven tittered as he replied proudly, "She's my sister. Of course, she deserves the best."

Angela and Arvin came up to Sven, after they had greeted the elders of the Gu family.

"Brother, where is my sister-in-law?" Angela asked as she curiously looked at Sven.

Sven clinked glasses with Arvin and told Angela, "Nicole is on an urgent business trip in Los Angeles, so I've had to come here by myself." Sven raised his brows and looked between Angela and Arvin, asking, "Did you guys manage to restore your relationship?"

Arvin coldly glanced at him. Could't he help mentioning it at least for the moment?

Angela leaned her head towards Arvin's shoulder, as a show of affection, and said, "Brother, am I such a generous and kind woman in your eyes?" Of course not! Angela thought herself to be very narrow-minded.

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