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   Chapter 302 Poor Mommy

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Arvin and Angela already had two children, and Arvin didn't agree to get a divorce. Also, they would sometimes hug and kiss. If she still insisted on keeping him at arm's length... What was the point of doing so?

Angela turned and looked at Arvin and only to see that he had closed his eyes. A look of hurt grazed his face.

Angela bit her lip tightly and wondered what to do.

What should she do?

She knew that Arvin was trying to get her attention, but she still did what Arvin had wanted, as if she fell for his pitiful look. She turned and pressed Arvin under her body.

Arvin secretly smiled. Angela did have a tender heart. He pretended to refuse, "Get off."

Being rejected, Angela really wanted to get off, but... She still circled her fingers around Arvin's collar and said, "You are having a fever."

"I know. I'll go to the hospital to get an IV bag. If it doesn't work, I'll get a surgery. If that still doesn't work, I'll die, " said Arvin. Arvin was being dramatic.

My goodness! Angela was speechless. A small fever had been exaggerated into a matter of life and death.

Through his thin pajamas, she could feel his extremely high body temperature.

Angela clenched her teeth and kissed his closed lips.

Because of her kiss, Arvin almost couldn't contain his joy.

Angela had not taken the initiative to kiss him for two whole years.

Now, at this moment, he finally had it.

If he had known that being sick would get Angela into bed, he wouldn't have mind getting sick hundreds of times.

Soon, the couple warmed up. Angela had taken the initiative, but somehow Arvin took the lead and held her waist tightly, locking Angela tightly within his grip.

Just when they were about to take things a step further, someone knocked on the door. "Arvin, are you asleep? I'm coming in."

It was Teresa, who wanted to check on Arvin.

Angela suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Arvin who was on top of her body. Then, she came back to her senses.


beside her with his pajamas and said, "My dear wife, why didn't you wake me up to have dinner with you?"

Angela faintly looked at Arvin who looked much better and said bitterly, "You are sick. I know you have an upset stomach and won't eat anything, so I didn't wake you."

While speaking, she took several dishes near her and moved them closer to her.

Arvin chuckled and whispered into her ear, "I have worked hard this afternoon. If you don't let me eat something, how would I have the strength to continue later?"

"Then, don't, " replied Angela. He really took advantage of his current situation. Angela rolled her eyes at him. Anyway, he looked much better than before, so she was a little relieved. Therefore, Arvin should drop the idea of taking advantage of her.

Arvin smiled and said nothing. He took the bowl and chopsticks placed on the table by the maid and was ready to get some food.

But Angela beat him to it. Her chopsticks were on the food that Arvin had wanted.

Arvin smiled and thought to himself, 'She really good at holding grudges!' He grabbed her hand and brought the tofu on her chopsticks into his mouth.

Arvin raised his eyebrows proudly and said, "Thank you for feeding me."

"You jerk!" said Angela. She dropped the chopsticks to have her porridge angrily and left him alone.

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