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   Chapter 301 Which Quack Said That

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Arvin flashed a vicious and satisfied smile. Angela wanted to kick him out of the plane so badly.

Her kids were traitors! She had suffered nine months of pregnancy and had tried her best to raise them. Even though Arvin had helped a lot, she was the one who got pregnant and gave birth to them!

On the way back to the J City, only Angela was a little bit upset, but Arvin and the boys were very happy.

The whole Gu family came together that night, knowing that Arvin and Angela were back with their kids.

Wanda Gu, Aron's daughter, was excited to see her two cousins and play with them.

Martha and Lily were not there. Lily went to Green Cold Country to mourn an old friend, and Martha went with her.

Ever since Arvin came back to the Gu family's house, he had stayed in the Yao Hospital for two days and one night and had been busy working.

At night, when she had the time to think alone, Angela stared out of the window and felt a little guilty.

Arvin had been commuting between J City and C Country for the past three years because of her...

In the morning of the third day, when everyone was having breakfast, Arvin came back.

Arvin was exhausted from dozens of hours of nonstop work. But the moment he saw his wife and sons, he felt refreshed.

He didn't have any breakfast, but directly went to the bedroom to rest. He was suffering from a headache.

After having lunch, Angela stared at the bedroom door for a long time. Finally, she made up her mind and went upstairs with some food.

She pushed the door open and found Arvin asleep. She put the food down onto the desk and tried to wake him up.

"Arvin... Arvin..."

Angela called him gently, but he kept his eyes closed. His eyelids flickered, but he didn't wake up.

Angela thought Arvin was exhausted and was about to leave, but she noticed that Arvin looked strange.

She bent down and touched his forehead. My god! He's

blushed. She didn't know what to say. She pretended to be tough, shouting, "Let me go! Otherwise... I will get mad at you!"

Arvin kissed her on the ear and said in a low voice, "I heard having sex can cure fever..."

Angela was dumbfounded, "Which quack said that ?"

It was the first time she heard such a thing.

Arvin kissed her cheek and replied, "It doesn't matter who said it. The thing that matters is... are you willing to cure me with yourself?"

What? Why? It's just a fever! Why did she have to sacrifice herself?

"Arvin, you... Bastard! Let me go! Otherwise, I... hmm." Her red lips were gagged by his.

Arvin had a pair of hot lips because he had a fever. Angela felt strange about it.

While Arvin was kissing her forehead, she held his hands, "Arvin... I've told you about the rules..."

Arvin went stiff and stopped his moves.

They stared at each other. In his eyes, Angela could clearly see bitterness and agony.

Angela's heart softened, and she said, "You..."

In fact, her heart ached when she saw that Arvin had a fever, but she was not willing to admit that.

Before Angela could finish her words, Arvin turned over and lay beside her. He sighed and said, "You can leave now."

Angela didn't move, but she pinched her own palm.

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