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   Chapter 300 The Twins Had Betrayed Her

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7459

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Angela failed to dodge his kiss, so she lifted her leg to kick Arvin's leg with the tip of her shoe.

Her shoes were high-heeled pointed-toe pumps. It was painful to be kicked by it, but Arvin only furrowed his brows, without letting Angela go.

He had been trying to resist the urge for almost two years, ever since the birth of the twins. No... Technically, it had only been a year, Because last year, when Angela had gotten drunk... Arvin of course didn't miss the opportunity to have sex with Angela

Until the morning after. Then, when Angela woke up, she wasn't able to go outside for a couple of days...

She found kiss marks all over her body, which frightened her so much.

From then on, Angela wouldn't dare drink any kind of beer or liquor anymore, no matter who proposed a toast to her and no matter how much they persuaded her.

Arvin was still affectionately kissing Angela. An atmosphere of love started to fill the office.

Although Arvin rarely had the chance to have sex with Angela, he had seized every chance he could to kiss her in the past two years. He would lock her in his arms every time he caught her off-guard.

Each time, after kissing her, she would get angry, but Arvin had the patience and methods to coax her.

"Babe..." The man's hoarse voice made Angela come back to her senses.

She suddenly pushed him away and ran out of the meeting room as quickly as she could.

Arvin stood there, touching his forehead to compose himself. He now thought that he shouldn't have tried to ask for her consent, but he should've had sex with her right then and there!

But he knew the rules set by Angela. She banned him from having sex with her.

Angela ran back to her office and rushed into the lounge room, locking the door behind her. She did it in such a hurry that she nearly sprained her ankle.

She leaned against the door and slowly composed her emotions, which were triggered by Arvin.

Arvin's moves toward Angela became bolder, and she had started to become less resistant to him as time went by.

Even though they already had their children together, Angela was adamant about her divorcing him, so she refused to sleep with him in the same room.


That evening, whe

his hands and said, "Auntie Angela, Uncle Arvin, please eat!"

"Hahaha..." Angela was amused by these three boys.

At night, Angela and Arvin bathed the twins and Stan in a large bathtub. Then, they carried them to the children's room.

In the children's room, there was a bunk bed. Stan climbed to the upper bed by himself, and the twin boys slept in the lower bed.

Arvin was coaxing Sherman, while Angela was coaxing Sherwood.

Sherwood discreetly told Angela, "Mommy, grandma called today. She misses me and my brother very much. Mommy, when will you take us to visit grandpa and grandma again?"

Angela felt a little awkward. She had brought the children to the Gu family's house a few times in these two years. Teresa had also come to the Si family to see the twins. The Gu family loved the twins very much.

Even Susanna Du, who didn't like Angela, was also very happy to see the twins.

"Hmm... How about the day after tomorrow? I will take you and your brother to see grandma. What do you think?"

"Okay." Sherwood was similar to Arvin. Although he was extremely excited, he only put on a smile and nothing more.

Angela decided not to tell Arvin that she was going to take the twins back to the Gu family's house.

However, the next morning, the twins told Arvin about the plan of going back to J City. When Angela got in the plane, she instantly knew that the twins had betrayed her...

She saw Arvin in the plane, and his seat was right next to hers...

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