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   Chapter 299 Which Mother

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Arvin sped up to catch up with her, put his hand around her shoulder, and said, "Babe! Don't walk so fast, or you'll twist your ankle."

In order to escape Arvin's arm, Angela moved aside, but she stumbled upon something, making her spring forward.

Unexpectedly, she wasn't freaked out, nor had she let out a scream.

She was sure that someone would support her.

As she had expected, a man stretched out his arms to catch her. Then, he pressed her toward a wall along the corridor.

He held his hands against the wall at both Angela's sides and posed an intimate gesture with her.

He looked into her eyes and asked her, "How could you be so careless? Aren't you scared of anything?"

Angela cast a contemptuous glance at him and waved her hand to brush him off.

She didn't say it out aloud in case others were listening to them.

She had realized that his stretched-out foot was the culprit of her stumble when she fell. ...

Arvin smiled and pressed her against his chest. "I'll be late for the meeting. Don't be naughty. Let's go!" said he.

What Arvin said made the people around them excited. They clenched their teeth to avoid letting out screams.

Angela had to pretend that she was doing it on purpose. She gave a fake smile and walked forward together with Arvin. "Take your hands off me!" she warned him in a low voice.

"Okay." Arvin released her, and after she could stand by herself, they went on walking in the direction of the office.


It was a common sight for Arvin to chase Angela in public.

In order to pursue Angela, Arvin often did notorious things which were being brought up by the authorities of the hospital. They were blaming him for breaking regulations of the hospital and ignorance of his identity as the acting director of the hospital.

But for Arvin, it was nothing, not a big deal.

Actually, Arvin only flirted with Angela during her break time.

He was still that cold Arvin most of the day.

Before they entered the office, Angela said, "I think you need to be examined by the Neurology De

last night!"

"Which mother?" Angela asked him without thinking carefully.

But she regretted asking such a stupid question immediately. She had denied her relationship with Arvin, so she had no mother-in-law now. The only mother she had was her own.

Arvin smiled and said, "Your mother... My mother-in-law."

"Your mother-in-law?" Angela withdrew her hand quickly. Then, she teased him, "You can marry any girl in this country and divorced her as soon as you like. In this way, you will have countless mothers-in-law!"

Arvin was speechless out of embarrassment.

Sven burst into laughter immediately.

To avoid Arvin's fist, Sven stood up at once and ran to the back of the door. "Keep on fighting, Arvin! Angela hasn't forgiven you!" he teased Arvin.

His words hurt Arvin's feelings.

Arvin had never expected that his wife would be this hard to pursue.

It had been nearly three years since he began to court her again. But he hadn't won her heart yet.

For the first time in his life, he felt like a loser.

Suddenly, he walked forward to Angela's direction and kissed her violently. Sven let out a scream out of shock.

"Eww! It's awkward for me to see you do this!" Sven complained. Then, he closed the door for them and left quickly.

Angela was puzzled. 'What's wrong with Arvin? Maybe he needs to be kicked again!' she thought in her mind.

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