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   Chapter 298 Arvin Is Taught A Lesson

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7136

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Looking at the Arvin's action which was not so rusty, Angela mumbled, "Wow, it seems that Mr. Gu knows well how to do that."

Arvin was slightly shocked. He had to admit that he never seen this before, but perhaps out of his natural instinct, he knew how to do it without having to learn. "These two guys are taking what's mine. Those are supposed to be mine."

Saying this, Arvin flashed an evil smile at Angela.

After a few seconds of puzzlement, Angela blushed immediately.

She reached out and pinched his arm. "Stay away from me." Angela was going to get even with him later.

After feeding the babies, Angela drank some soup and then fell asleep again.

In the following days, many people came to visit her and her babies from morning till night. She was so busy that she couldn't get a chance to deal with Arvin.

On the fifth day, the day she was supposed to leave the hospital, Angela finally had the opportunity.

She asked Daisy and Nicole to take her babies away first.

Angela withdrew her smile when they were the only ones left in the ward. She gazed at Arvin who kept a straight face indignantly and said word by word, "Elope, find lobbyists, fall in love, be seduced..."

She kicked him one or two times every time she said a word.

Angela blurted out six to seven words in total, but Arvin was kicked a dozen of times.

Instead of being angry, Arvin was pleased. He embraced Angela and said, "Honey, Haven't you heard of the old saying? A man should use his tongue, not his fists." What a douchebag! He took advantage of her for numerous times when she lost her memory!

If she had known what was going to happen, she would not have taken the medicine.

How dare he lie to her? He even put on a pitiful look and told her that she had eloped with Fabian. He was a big, fat liar! He was born to be an actor.

What's more, Jerry and Scott even collaborated to deceive her. It turned out that all the men in this world were evil.

"Ahem... Honey, don't you know that I am doing this for the sake of our future and our babies?" Angela was almost amused by this cheeky man who was asking for her


But she was a director on paper only.

It was because everyone in the hospital knew that a brilliant man would handle everything for her.

She didn't have to manage anything in this hospital. She only had to take care of herself. He had taken charge of the hospital temporarily so as to... please her.

As soon as she finished greeting them, the young girls' voice sounded again, "Hello, Director Gu."

"Good morning, Doctor Gu."

"How are you, Doctor Gu?"


They greeted with him one after another, and it seemed that they were more excited to meet Arvin than Angela.

Seeing this, Angela pouted and thought, 'What a group of flirtatious kids! He is really fortunate with women!

Even though he was just her assistant in the hospital, people dared not to forget his other identity. Everyone admired his capabilities as time passed. He was only an assistant on paper, but no one called him that.

Well, there was one person who did. She would call him Assistant Gu or Mr. Gu.

But other people would definitely not call him that because of his handsomeness and competence.

However, compared with Angela's enthusiasm, Arvin just nodded at those girls who greeted him.

But they had gotten used to it.

They all knew that Mr. Gu would only show his smile to their director, Angela.

His smile could be soft, handsome, bright, or a little bit naughty. It depended on the situation.

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