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   Chapter 297 It Is a Pity That You Are Not an Actor

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In less than two minutes, the door of the delivery room opened again. Two male doctors walked out, feeling embarrassed. When they noticed that Sven was standing outside, they greeted him respectfully, "Director Si."

"Ha! You two must have been thrown out by Arvin!" Sven was right.

The two doctors glanced at each other with resignation and nodded.

Sven patted them on their shoulders and said, "Go and do something else! That guy is really narrow-minded, and the woman in labour is his wife, so let's just have him do it himself."

Arvin went to Chengyang Private Hospital frequently during Angela's pregnancy, so the doctors in the hospital knew how excellent his medical skills were.

One of the obstetricians said, "I can understand him. He is an expert in the medical field. If we had stayed in the delivery room, we might only be reduced to assisting him."

'But Doctor Gu didn't have to do that. We have worked in the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics for many years, so we are used to doing this, and all the patients are the same in our eyes, ' he thought.

Sven shrugged his shoulders with resignation and said, "I was also kicked out by him!"

Sven could understand Arvin because he also delivered his sons himself.

Things for the newborns had already been prepared, and all the items were doubled.

The whole family was awaiting the birth of their twins.

Angela was suffering labour pains on the bed. Her face was pale. Beads of sweat began to form on her forehead. She held Arvin's hand tightly and said, "I'll never... ever... give birth to a baby again... It's so painful..."

"Okay, okay, we'll never have a baby again. Babe, hang in there." Arvin paid attention to the delivery of the babies. Meanwhile, he reached out his arm to her mouth and said, "Bite my arm if you feel pain."

The pain was so unbearable that Angela was about to faint, so she bit Arvin's arm without hesitation.

"Take a deep breath and push... You're doing a great job!" Thanks to Arvin's encouragement and support, Angela felt a little bit relaxed.

"Doctor Gu, I see the baby's head!" a nurse shouted with surprise.

When Angela let go of his arm, Arvin quickly walked to the end of the bed to c

e babies' soft, little bodies.

After nine months of pregnancy, she had borne him twins. The babies were so cute. She loved them very much!

Arvin sat down beside her, held her hand, and said, "Now that you're awake, you can breastfeed our babies!"

She agreed with him.

But she didn't know how to feed their twins...

Arvin carried their older son out of Angela's arms and told Daisy, "Mom, let me do this. Please go and have some rest."

Daisy understood him, so she held Sherwood and walked away with the confinement nanny.

After they went away, Angela began to feed Sherman with the help of Arvin. She was excited but a little bit shy about doing it.

When the feeding bottle was taken away from him, Sherman began to cry. But later, he stopped as soon as he drank milk straight from Angela's breast.

Arvin was watching Angela feed Sherman, which made Angela feel shy and embarrassed. She didn't want him to look at her. "Arvin, bring Sherwood here!"

Arvin didn't move. "Wait for a while, and take your time. I'll bring Sherwood after Sherman is properly fed." He pointed to Sherman who was in her arms.

Angela didn't retort, but she turned around with Sherman in her arms, so Arvin could only see her backside.

Finally, Sherman fell asleep.

But so did Sherwood. He fell asleep after drinking a bottle of milk formula.

In order to let the twins get used to drinking breast milk, Arvin put Sherwood on Angela's other breast and let her feed him.

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