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   Chapter 295 Fall into His Trap

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Seeing the guilty look on her face, Arvin immediately struck while the iron was hot, and asked, "Do you know why Daniel and others came to our house earlier today?"

Angela shook her head.

"I asked them to come over and help me persuade you. I want to win back your love for me. If you don't believe me, you can send them messages to check if I asked them to persuade you..." The premise, of course, was that she could only ask them one question: did they come to persuade her?

Thinking of the hostility some of them showed towards Fabian during the day, Angela now finally believed in Arvin. 'I'm such an asshole!!' she cursed herself silently.

With that, she took out her cell phone, found Jerry's WeChat, and typed out a line, "Jerry, were you here today, to help Arvin persuade me?"

Then she glanced at Arvin while waiting for Jerry's reply, and then sent Scott the same message.

While they waited, Scott replied to her first, and in the message he said, "Yes, Arvin has always been very kind to you. Angela, you should live your life with him! Now that you're married and pregnant, you should stop messing around."

Angela was stunned, speechless.

Arvin cleared his throat, and choked back a laughter. Arvin was aware that Scott loved Lulu, so he decided to help Scott pursue her in exchange for his help.

However, Scott wasn't even talking to Angela about Fabian. All he talked about was regarding the time when Angela was returning to C Country from J City while she was pregnant...

Unintentionally, he had ended up helping Arvin since Angela had no memories of this matter.

Later, Jerry replied to her by voice, "Yes, Angela, Sally had told me everything about what was going on. She often keeps an eye on you and Arvin. For the sake of Arvin's love for you, please go back to J City with him! He is a very busy man, with a lot of responsibilities. Please don't make him travel back and forth between two places all the time. Be good and listen to me. Quit being a baby, and please try to be more considerate."

To persuade or convince someone, one had to know a lot about the person they were going to persuade. Jerry had asked Sally all the necessary details about Arvin and Angela's married life in order to help them find happi

nd muttered, "Sleep..."

In the stillness of the night, Arvin stared fondly at the sleeping Angela, fiddling with her long hair.

If in this way Angela could forget Nita, Rosa and all the unhappiness, so be it...

Arvin was confident that if she stayed with him like this, he would someday persuade her to stay with him on her own free will and love him with all her heart again like she once did. He had always loved her anyway. By then, together with their children, the family of four would live happily together.


Autumn came after summer, and winter came after autumn.

Arvin had been so busy lately that he even hired the retired former director back to Yao Hospital to take his place for the moment.

He commuted between J City and C Country every day.

It was just because his wife was about to have babies.

A week before Angela's due date, he pushed off all his work and stayed with her in Chengyang Private Hospital.

Martha had a baby girl for Aron yesterday. The Gu family was known for birthing boys, so the family were happy to learn that Martha had a baby girl for a change.

Arvin thought it didn't matter if Angela had a boy or a girl.

But when he realized he was going to have twin boys, he couldn't help complaining. 'Why did Martha give birth to a daughter when she had only one child, while Angela has two babies in her womb, and both of them are boys ?'

Arvin walked into Angela's ward with a bunch of lilies in his hand, and saw her chatting with Nancy.

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