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   Chapter 294 Let Me Court You

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Angela had planned to have a talk with Arvin, once he had finished bathing. Seeing Arvin with only a bath towel on, Angela blushed immediately and averted her eyes. "You... Put on your pajamas!"

His figure was... so lean and chiselled!

His muscles... were so toned! He had the perfectly sculpted figure...

Oh! Angela wondered why she would feel the need to drink a potion to forget anything, since she had such a handsome husband already.

Arvin walked towards her and tried to charm her. He gently pushed her on the bed and leaned against the bed with his strong arms on both her sides. Then he told her gently, "I won't put on my pajamas because you told me that you liked seeing me naked."

The moment she heard him say that, Angela's face blushed red. Her red face aroused him even more...

Angela was starting to freak out. She couldn't believe he had said such dirty things to her.

"Please... put it on... now." Angela's finger touched his chest by accident.

Wow! It was so hard!

Then she moved her fingers lower but Arvin had grabbed her hand.

She looked into his mysterious and intoxicating eyes. "Are you... seducing me?" he asked.

Arvin found Angela to be more attractive than she was before she had lost her memory.

It meant that in Angela's mind, she was still a twenty-year-old girl. So... He would treat her well.

"No. No. I'm not!" She took a deep breath and composed herself. "I want to talk with you. Please put on your pajama first!" she insisted.

"Why? I'll have to take it off again if I wear it now. Angela, you're already used to seeing me naked. If you persist on letting me wear something, I'll feel uncomfortable!" Arvin rejected her.

'I am already feeling uncomfortable because you are wearing almost nothing right now!' Angela complained in her mind.

Before, Angela felt that Arvin had always been cold and unfriendly to her. But now, she felt strange to be so close to him. "You can... move aside and let me sit up."

Oh! Angela had

seduce you. He even tried to trick you into running away with him even though he knew that you were my wife. When I got you back, you began to quarrel with me every day. Angela, promise me you won't see Fabian again. Okay? I admit I was wrong before. But from now on, I'll give up a part of my business to spend more time with you!"

"Run away... with Fabian?" Angela was shocked. She was confused. How could she have done this to her husband?

Arvin had prepared a lot to get Angela to believe what he was saying. He picked up his cellphone to find a video. Then he gave it to Angela. "If you don't believe my words, you can watch the video. The video can't tell a lie, Angela."

Hmm... That sounded right.

In the video, she saw Fabian holding her hand and arguing with ten bodyguards arranged by Arvin at the airport.

But she couldn't hear what they were saying clearly. 'Maybe the video was broken, ' she thought.

She saw that she was still willing to leave with Fabian even though they were faced with many bodyguards.

Now she totally believed Arvin.

She regretted what she had done to Arvin and started to detest Fabian.

How could he seduce another man's wife?

She also hated herself for what she had done. As a married woman, she felt sinful for having been seduced by Fabian and betraying her husband.

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